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React to Negative Information

We work with negative comments, fakes, distorted information, and other threats to your reputation that can be found online.

Prevention of Further Negative

Our SERM specialists crowd out harmful information with the positive and truthful one which prevents further troubles.


Reputation Management

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    Some say that nothing disappears from the Internet - it is impossible to hide anything from it. That is why many people doubt the advisability of the SERM service: the task of eliminating the negative about your business seems impossible. However, all hesitations disappear after looking at our portfolio. We know about and practice ethical methods of dealing with negativity online - users will not see this on the first pages of the issue.

    When to order SERM services

    Too much negative information

    To get positive feedback, a company must exceed the customer's expectations. To receive a negative review, a business needs to make the slightest mistake once. The SERM services help brands that once made such mistakes to restore their reputation. It’s also the best tool for dealing with custom articles and black PR.

    Too little info about the company

    Here’s a situation that young companies often face: a visitor enters the website, gets acquainted with information about a product, looks for reviews about this product and business, doesn’t find any, and leaves to a competitor. SEO reputation management will help fill the Internet with positive reviews of the brand.

    New products are launched

    Often, when a company introduces a new product or service market without first analyzing the market, it’s faced with misunderstanding or even negativity from potential customers. Online reputation management helps to prepare the ground for launching a new product and minimize the risks of it being negatively met by the Internet community.

    Tough competition

    Sometimes competitors break the rules and wage an information war. Companies involved in this war suffer serious damage to their reputation and their profits plummet. SERM marketing is the only tool that can shift the focus from bad reviews to articles that cleanse the business’s reputation.

    An expert image of the company must be formed

    A customer won’t order services or buy goods if the company can’t provide even basic info about these goods. The risk of losing customers grows when a brand ignores user requests. SERM helps to form a positive and expert image of the company on the web through instant reaction to new mentions about it.

    Audience trust needs to be developed

    Online community members like to engage in discussions about products or companies. Initiating the flow of information helps to control such discussions and persuade the participants to appreciate the subject matter. You can find out how effective search engine reputation management can be for your company, as well as pricing and other details by calling +38 (098) 693-07-44.

    How the business benefits from SERM?

    • 1

      The content on websites from the first page of search results for queries mentioning your brand or company is taken under control and continuously monitored.

    • 2

      Reviews where the company, its products, or services are mentioned in a negative way are found almost immediately after their publication. Then, they’re processed or displaced from the top positions of

    • 3

      A positive information field is formed around the company or brand. If a potential client wants to find information about the business on the Internet, they won’t find any negative.

    • 4

      Online reputation management services start boosting customer confidence from the first days. We’re talking about trust from potential clients or partners, as well as search engines.

    • 5

      Thanks to certain conditions, the speed of brand promotion is constantly growing. A company with a good reputation gets more visitors to the site, its products sell better, and other businesses begin to see it as a reliable partner.

    • 6

      Information from negative reviews of the business makes it easier to analyze and identify the weak links. For example, poor quality manager work, mistakes in marketing strategy, etc.

    What reputation management services include

    • Goal setting

      We start managing online reputation by determining why the business needs it. Most often, brands turn to online reputation management firms for help when they want to show customers the expertise in the niche they occupy or inspire confidence in the business itself, its products, or services. Another goal of reputation management is to increase brand awareness. When the goal is determined, we select online resources suitable for achieving it.

    • Web info analysis

      We analyze search results for popular queries that mention the name of the brand and its products and find online resources with negative or inaccurate information about the company. At this stage, it’s important to track all references to the business, so we look for them on social media, blogs, news portals, review sites, etc. At the same time, we identify ways to whiten the business reputation, considering the type and specifics of these online resources and the specifics of the company's work.

    • Formation of positive opinion about the company or brand

      We post positive publications on portals, blogs, and other websites visitors trust. We don’t disregard thematic forums – the confidence in the info posted on them among users is high. Positive reviews and other materials about the business that we publish are indistinguishable from real ones – visitors will never notice they weren’t written by a client.

    • Reduced online negativity

      It's time to hide the negativity about the company deep in the far corners of the Web through online reputation management. For the business to never see bad reviews, we crowd them out with positive ones. To make this step effective, we work according to a personal publication schedule for each company. This also helps to ensure that reviews are natural – they’ll be posted at different frequencies and at different times.

    • Monthly reporting

      For the business owner to evaluate the results of our search engine reputation management services, we prepare detailed and easy-to-understand reports. In them, we indicate the websites where references to the company were found, as well as the number and nature of these references (negative, positive, neutral). In our reports, we mention the number of positive materials we’ve published about the brand and comment on the results they brought.

    The pros of ordering SERM services at FIVE MEDIA

    We use different online reputation management tools, depending on the task that needs to be solved.

    We’ve been providing web reputation management services for brands and companies from all around the world since 2006.

    Thanks to the automation of processes and the well-coordinated work of our reputation managers, we take on even highly complex projects.

    FIVE MEDIA SERM specialists have expertise in Internet marketing, brand management, and PR.

    We use only those techniques, technologies, and tools that have been repeatedly tested in practice.

    We regularly draw up detailed reports for clients, informing about the work done and the results obtained.

    What you need to know about SERM

    What does SERM mean?

    Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is a set of steps aimed at managing brand reputation on the Internet. After completing these steps, potential customers stop finding negative mentions of the business on online resources. At the same time, the company gains customer trust and sees increased interest in its products or services.

    Types of SERM

    Online corporate reputation management is based on preventing, correcting, or exposing negative information on the Web.

    Negativity prevention

    Bad reviews are unlikely to appear if the company begins using SERM as early as possible (ideally from the day it’s founded). Currently, online reputation management pricing is more than affordable for both medium and small businesses. Here are some common ways to avoid negative reviews:

    • constantly improve the quality of service;
    • regularly monitor brand mentions online;
    • conduct customer surveys to identify factors that prompted them to buy a product or order a service, or, on the contrary, prevented them from doing so.

    Negativity correction

    When a business doesn’t think about online reputation, over time, negative posts about it or its products begin to pop up on third-party websites. Regardless of whether they’re written by competitors or real customers, such negativity needs thorough correction. To avoid even more harm to the reputation, you should do it wisely. To quickly and effectively get rid of negativity online, consider applying for Google reputation management services at FIVE MEDIA.

    Negativity exposure

    Some negative reviews raise more questions than others because they describe goods or services the company doesn’t sell or provide. The hardest thing in such situations is to prove to the community that this is a fake. If you’re faced with something similar, reach out to us – we’ll restore your business’s reputation.

    Platforms we work with

    After you apply for SERM services at FIVE MEDIA, we promptly go through and neutralize negative reviews about the business. We process:

    • regional and national news sites;
    • thematic forums;
    • online portals;
    • review sites;
    • personal and thematic blogs;
    • pages and groups in social networks.

    Be it a review website, news portal, or social media, online reputation management will boost your company’s image anywhere.

    Why you can’t ignore bad reviews

    When a user sees unanswered negative reviews about a company, they’re more likely to think, “You’re not responding because you can’t refute what’s been said.” Although, the company probably has something to answer, it doesn’t know what SERM is and never monitors its reputation. If you don’t respond to negativity online, keep in mind that the lack of an answer is regarded as confirmation of this negativity.

    What online reputation management cost depends on

    Typically, the client pays monthly, and the prices are calculated individually for the business. Several factors affect the cost. For instance:

    • project size;
    • the goal you want to achieve by ordering this service;
    • the ratio of negative, neutral, and positive feedback;
    • the intensity of negativity in the company’s niche, the toxicity of the target audience.

    Call +38 (098) 693-07-44 to learn more about our online reputation management packages and order one for your business.

    How to choose a SERM company

    A sloppy online reputation management strategy will at best bring no results; at worst, it will aggravate the situation. You can distinguish a reliable SERM agency from mediocre firms by the following features:

    1. Successful cases. If there’s none on the company’s website, ask the agency managers to send them by mail. Consider that SERM is a service where customers prefer not to disclose such information.
    2. A detailed plan of action. Once you begin cooperating, a reliable SERM agency will present a detailed strategy to manage your business’s reputation.
    3. Good reputation. It’s absurd when a company that deals with online reputation management has a lot of negative reviews.
    4. Realistic forecasts. After studying your business, good reputation managers can predict when the goal will be achieved.

    Popular SERM questions from our clients

    How does SERM work?

    Online reputation management is based on hiding information discrediting a company on online resources and replacing it with positive publications.

    What opportunities does SERM provide?

    When there are no negative posts on the Web, the business starts getting more clients and lucrative offers from other companies.

    How much do online reputation management services cost?

    When applying for reputation management services, pricing is usually individual and based on the goals the client wants to achieve, as well as other factors.

    How long does it take for SERM to work?

    The minimum term is one month, the maximum is one year. SERM shows better results if the company builds up its reputation constantly.

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