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    Developing a business marketing strategy is not an easy task. It requires not only professional knowledge and a well-coordinated approach to work, but also flexibility, understanding of the latest trends, connections, expertise in different markets. Sometimes, business owners or employees have knowledge in the field of marketing and know verbally what a company's marketing strategy is. But its competent development is a matter for professionals, and here we enter the scene...

    Main tasks of a marketing strategy development

    Identifying your product and its role on a market

    To create a successful digital marketing strategy, both the client company and the marketing agency must clearly understand the benefits of the company’s product and why it matters for the customer.

    Identifying your key markets, prioritizing customer segments

    Key markets are segments of the audience your product may appeal to. A careful strategy will help you choose the target segment and determine what needs the business aims to meet and what products/services it will provide to customers.

    Finding your key competitors and the way they act on the market

    If you want to stay ahead of the game, you must keep an eye on other businesses in your niche. Competition research will help to become more adaptable and tell what marketing trends to follow.

    Defining main ways of distribution

    A marketing plan will explain how to deliver your product/service to the consumer. A specialist will analyze the desires and needs of your target audience and your business’s positioning.

    Picking the most effective channels of promotion

    A business can’t prosper if no one knows about it. Random promotion won’t bring steady results either. Through marketing strategy consulting, you’ll find the right way to introduce your company to the market.

    Define KPI's of your business

    You can’t assess the effectiveness of your business’s activities and track the progress of its goals. KPI’s allow you to monitor the activity of employees, departments, and the company as a whole and bring it to a new level.

    Who needs a marketing strategy?

    • 1

      New businesses and startups

      The pressure from the competition can destroy a young company unless it determines the direction of its development and sets strategic goals in time. The services of marketing strategy specialists will turn struggling into prospering.

    • 2

      Companies that started losing their positions

      Zero growth or a slow but steady decline in sales point to serious flaws in the current strategy. The business needs to strengthen its market position and maybe start conquering new market segments.

    • 3

      Any kind of business that needs improvement

      If the numbers are looking good, it doesn’t mean they can’t be improved with the right service. A marketing plan offers a variety of possibilities for development, such as a new market or expanded geographic borders.

    How we develop a marketing strategy for business

    • Define your strategic goals

      Before we begin to form a long-term strategy, our marketing consulting team will work on your company goals to understand the direction it needs to take for gradual scaling and development. Without the “big picture,” you won’t be able to set smaller goals, such as profitability boost or risk management.

    • Conduct market research

      We want to see what makes the market tick: what products are available on it and what powers drive it. The info we gather allows you to make informed business decisions, form a marketing mix, and improve the quality of your products/services. Without the market research service, all marketing strategies would fail.

    • Profile your closest rivals

      In business, competition is one of the best teachers. FIVE experts identify the major players in your niche and analyze their tactics, profits, ad campaigns – everything that can be researched for a better understanding of the market and your place in it. Some of their techniques may benefit your company too.

    • Determine the profile of a customer

      To sell a product, you must know who buys it. We create the portrait of your average customer to learn more about their preferences, expectations, and spending habits and identify their demographics, behavioral and environmental factors, etc. The more data you have on the client, the bigger the profit.

    • Audit your promotional and distribution channels

      Our marketing specialists run a complex check to see if your company’s advertising and sales are going as they should. An audit will point at aspects that must be changed/optimized to maximize your business efficiency – perhaps you need to switch to other channels for stable profit growth. Then we provide a detailed report with recommendations for further development.

    • Compose you marketing mix

      A marketing mix defines your approach to selling products or services. Our team will help you pick the model that would fit your goals best. For this, we’ll research available distribution channels, determine a developmental strategy for your market, decide how to design the price structure, and so on.

    • Develop a holistic and detailed strategy with a vision

      In the end, you get an ultimate plan that reflects every aspect of your business and sets goals for the future. Our task is to make sure the company evolves, acquiring new markets, broadening geographical borders, and opening up new channels for distribution, promotion, and communication with the customer.

    The pros of ordering marketing strategy services from FIVE

    Focus on your results

    We’ll find an individual approach to your project and deliver a strategy that brings maximum profit.

    Working for others like for ourselves

    Your success is our success –that’s why we care about every step of your strategy.

    Impressive experience

    Our team has been developing marketing strategies since 2006. We know what your business needs.

    Everything you need to know

    What is a marketing strategy?

    It’s a set of steps companies take to form marketing goals and arrange the implementation of these goals on the market. Your business needs marketing strategy services to choose the direction for scaling. Also, a strategy helps to identify opportunities and prospects for the development of the company and its products and define its growth points. A marketing strategy is a short or long-term plan that allows you to prioritize tasks and reach out to potential leads, turning them into customers. A marketing strategy structures and organizes the activities of the marketing department, sales department, and the company in general.

    Marketing strategy vs. Strategic marketing

    A marketing strategy is a part of marketing as a whole aimed at answering the key questions: what to sell, how to sell, whom to sell to, and how to promote what you’re selling? Strategic marketing is an approach that looks at marketing from a greater perspective. While a marketing strategy usually lasts for a year or so, strategic marketing is stretched out for longer terms (a 3-year time frame isn’t a limit). The goal of a marketing strategy is to build a brand and market your business. Strategic marketing focuses on driving the business in the right direction.

    What is a result of the marketing strategy service?

    Upon developing a marketing strategy, you get valuable data on your company’s goals and position on the market. You also learn how to interact with the consumer, what tools to use to achieve the goals, and how to stand out from the competition. A marketing strategy does a great job organizing your actions for the year ahead, helping to manage the workflow and tasks that need to be completed. It’s a chance to take a closer look at your strengths, prospects, and weaknesses, making the best of the first two and working on the latter. Overall, you receive an action plan for a certain period.

    What is a marketing mix and what place does it take?

    A marketing mix is a vision of what to sell and how to sell it, how to influence the consumer and communicate with them. Typically, marketing consulting packages come with three key marketing mix models – 4P, 4C, and 7P.

    4P stands for: 

    • Product (what the market or target audience needs),
    • Price (the product cost and the level of sales profitability),
    • Promotion (distribution model),
    • Place (the location where the product is accessible to customers).

    The 7P model adds new elements:

    • Process, (customer-company interaction)
    • People (buyers, partners, employees, etc.),
    • Physical evidence (a place where the company provides services/products). 

    4P and 7P are more classic but outdated models. The 4C model standing for:

    • Consumer (customer characteristics), 
    • Cost (pricing for the consumer), 
    • Convenience (consumer comfort), 
    • Communications (how you reach out to the consumer) is the concept of new consumerism, focused on the client’s needs.

    How much does a marketing strategy cost?

    The price is set individually for each project and depends on the complexity of the business, the competitive environment, as well as the novelty of the product/market.

    How to order marketing strategy services?

    Feel free to complete the application form on our website or contact us directly by phone. We’ll make sure the cost fits your budget and the plan meets your demands.


    Why marketing strategy is so important?

    It helps you determine the vector of development for your business and figure out how to achieve the set goals. Thoughtful marketing strategy implementation syncs the efforts of all departments and bumps up the efficiency of each promotion channel.

    Can I create a strategy by myself?

    Developing a marketing strategy on your own without professional knowledge and skills makes little sense. Even if you’ve studied the competition perfectly and know what tools they use for promotion, there’s no guarantee that their marketing strategy will work for you just as well.

    What to pay attention to when choosing a marketing strategy consultant?

    An expert must have a systematic approach to the task, be able to see the situation as a whole, not as a set of separate problems. When choosing a consultant, you should first pay attention to their portfolio and recommendations. The bigger the projects, the higher the digital marketing strategy cost.

    Can my company succeed without a marketing strategy?

    It’s unlikely to achieve sustainable results without well-planned actions, depending on luck alone because intuitive business development never benefits the owner. A marketing strategy agency will research every aspect of your business and provide an optimal course of action.

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