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The development of an exclusive and brand new strategies for new products and companies on a market.

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Push new and ambitious ideas on new markets. Conduct deep researches to provide you with the best solutions.

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New fresh products demand sophisticated promotion. Trust us in these issues to have profitable launch.


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    Often, promoting a business on the Internet looks like this: a potential client contacts digital marketing companies with a request to promote their website or product, for example, with the help of influencers. But are these products really suitable for social media? Is it worth getting into the world of bloggers on Instagram, or are there other equally effective ways? Comprehensive internet marketing service from FIVE MEDIA is, first of all, a personalized “guide” for the development of new growth points that are necessary for your business. This is what satisfied customers say about the service.

    Goals and objectives of integrated marketing on the Internet

    Getting a complete picture of marketing processes

    No strategy development is complete without an initial audit and basic market research. This is necessary in order to be 100% sure about the source of problems or potential opportunities, current industry trends. This is the only way for businesses and marketers to know where to go.

    Optimization of costs for promotion channels

    Sometimes “straddle both worlds” is not only difficult but also commercially unprofitable. Stop mastering irrelevant, costly sources of attracting traffic and leads, and focus on the most optimal ones - one of the main tasks that an integrated marketing agency solves.

    Increasing company/brand awareness

    The prominence of a company or product remains an urgent goal even in the digital era. Complex promotion on the Internet helps to accelerate and consolidate recognition. Also, this approach allows you to most accurately focus on the representatives of the target audience.

    Mastering new sites, tools, growth points

    Sometimes it is not necessary to “reinvent the wheel”, but to optimize the existing internet marketing plan. But in the days of the Internet, new trends emerge at lightning speed, and for some types of businesses, following new trends is critical. In combination with old marketing tools, the development of new growth points can multiply your success.

    Maximum and most effective audience coverage

    How well do you know your target audience? How do they live, what sites do they visit, how much time do they spend on social networks, what applications do they use? Clear answers to these questions, which are asked in the framework of an integrated marketing communication plan, make it possible to communicate with target consumers with the highest quality and keep them for a long time.

    Increase in financial performance

    You will lie if you say that financial growth is not the main thing. It is, indeed! But what is needed in order to increase the well-being of the company, while meeting the needs of your target audience by 100% and benefitting society? Only integrated digital marketing campaigns will allow you to optimize your online promotion as accurately as possible and achieve the desired goals.

    What does the work of an integrated internet marketing bureau look like from the inside?

    • We hold an introductory meeting/conference

      To get started, the FIVE MEDIA team needs to study the history of your company and get to know its representatives better. Then you will voice your goals and vision, provide all the important information, and we will learn more about your project, understand the problem and the course of the matter.

    • We fully study the market environment

      What place in the market do your competitors occupy, how and with what help they are promoted, are there any restrictions in your industry, who is your target audience - these and many other questions at this stage are critical for our future work. This stage can take as long as a week or a month - it all depends on the specifics of your industry.

    • We analyze the available resources

      All our customers are different: they can be both well-known industrial companies, and small local businesses, or even a young startup project. In order to understand what we can do, what it is better to save on, and where we can spend more, together with you we conduct an initial analysis of the budget and possible measures.

    • We conduct an audit of the current marketing strategy on the Internet

      Sometimes, in order to understand the vector of development and plan a marketing strategy, it is enough to simply understand what the company was doing wrong. This step will allow you to see what tools are used, what they give, how much budget is spent on them, and whether there is a return. Perhaps some marketing tools will need to be optimized, refined, or removed altogether, and new elements of digital marketing should be introduced instead.

    • We conduct an audit of the Internet resource

      The work of an integrated marketing agency will be useless if the site has a number of technical problems. It's important to research it separately without getting tied to your marketing strategy. Practice shows that most sites are not optimized for search engines, have some disruptions in the UI / UX balance, and this is important to understand in modern realities. After auditing the site, we will evaluate its main indicators and identify all critical errors, which will contribute to the development of a high-quality strategy.

    • We draw up a project plan and form a team

      Our internet marketing bureau consists of specialists in the field of SEO, SMM, contextual advertising and targeting, digital-PR, content marketers, whose experience at different stages of the integrated promotion will be indispensable for your project. Immediately after the introductory stage, conducting all audits and research, we form a working group and proceed to the most interesting phase…

    • We develop an optimal set of measures

      Don't trust agencies who claim to have one-stop and turnkey solutions for any company. Only after evaluating the market, competitors, your resources, and the existing strategy, it is possible to develop and implement a set of measures that suits your business. At FIVE MEDIA, our specialists will develop such an Internet strategy, selecting the most important and optimal tools for your goals.

    • We implement the developed strategy

      A beautiful description of all the processes of integrated promotion does not cost anything if the contractor does not know how to implement it or lacks experience. At the penultimate stage, we implement the developed Internet strategy, accompanying all implementation processes. We always stay in touch with the client in order to solve important problems, make adjustments to the existing plan, and quickly respond to sudden changes (for example, updating search algorithms, changing the advertising policy on social networks).

    • Summing up and creating reports

      In addition to monthly reports on the work done, at the end of the planning period, we create a voluminous report with the results for each promotion channel, identify successes, failures and their causes. Monitoring the key performance indicators of each method allows us to adjust the strategy in the future, and, of course, evaluate the effectiveness of our work for further, even more advantageous cooperation.


    Work experience

    We have been promoting clients' sites from Ukraine, USA and Europe since 2006. We work with B2B, B2C and E-commerce projects in various industries.

    Individual approach

    We work with each new customer as for the first time - without prepared schemes and templates, but using expert knowledge.

    Clear recommendations

    If you need to make a number of changes within the strategy, our recommendations will be clear to any specialist in your organization.

    We love to solve non-standard tasks

    Our experience and knowledge allow us to effectively work with the most interesting projects that other agencies could refuse.

    Always in touch

    Your business - your budgets - our responsibility. You can always contact us within the framework of a common project for clarifications and amendments, because communication is the most important thing.

    Full range of internet services

    We provide the widest range of tools: from technical audit of the site, writing and editing texts, to working with influencers.

    Integrated online marketing: everything you need to know

    What is the integrated website promotion?

    “Strategy” and “intuitive planning” are incompatible concepts. In business, specifics and a clear understanding of your own goals are important. To achieve them, it is not enough to implement advanced marketing solutions, even if this is done by a premium agency for companies with billions of dollars in turnover.

    Integrated Internet marketing is a combination of individual and most suitable marketing tools for the company’s goals, which are offered after a detailed study of the market and the internal environment in order to achieve the most effective result. This strategy brings together promotional activities that are most profitable when combined with each other, rather than individually.

    Why does a company need integrated promotion?

    A holistic strategy, a clear vision, and a clear course of action for the company are essential to achieve the set goals. A comprehensive marketing strategy from qualified digital marketing agencies allows you to determine the most optimal combination of individual solutions for a particular company at a particular moment.

    Simply choosing the desired source of growth is not enough. “We need to do it like our competitors do” or “We urgently implement SMM and attract influencers” – such spontaneous decisions will damage the budget and are unlikely to have a positive effect on KPIs. The choice of growth points must be carried out in such a way that each of them enhances the effectiveness of each other.

    Therefore, integrated promotion on the Internet should be trusted by professionals. Experienced agencies like FIVE MEDIA have significant experience and resources to develop and implement effective promotion strategies in different markets.

    What is involved in developing a comprehensive promotion strategy?

    Since the service of integrated digital marketing is different for every business, there is no one size fits all strategy. Depending on your goals and the results of a detailed analysis, the offered range of digital marketing services may include the following activities:

    • SEO – site search engine optimization; includes activities for internal and external optimization, which are aimed at correcting critical errors and ensuring SEO-friendly characteristics of your Internet resource.
    • SERM – search reputation management; a set of measures, the purpose of which is to drive out the negative from the first pages of search engines and promote positive information about the company.
    • SMM – social media marketing; we do everything – from setting up accounts, creating a visual, to launching targeted advertising campaigns and communicating with subscribers.
    • Influencer marketing – communication with bloggers and influencers to place ad integrations.
    • Digital PR – creation and placement of native or direct advertising material on top Internet resources, digital news publications and websites specialized on the client’s topic.
    • PPC – contextual advertising; is configured by a detailed analysis of search queries on your topic, ads are shown to the most interested audience in the respective regions.
    • Content marketing is creating the most relevant, trending content for your site and distributing it across all relevant channels available.
    • E-mail marketing – establishing strong relationships with customers and providing additional sales through email newsletters; letters can be both informative and commercial in nature, provide subscribers with discounts, bonuses, exclusive goods / services.

    Whether to use all channels in a complex or combine only some of the tools – it all depends on the specifics of your business and what the audit will show.

    Benefits of an integrated approach

    • Decisions are made in a balanced manner, based on analytical data;
    • You can see the whole situation, you can clearly understand what to weed out, what to improve, what to add and in what form;
    • There is a clear understanding of the goals and objectives;
    • Each of the elements or channels of promotion enhances the return from each other;
    • At the end of the reporting period, you can better assess the performance, see the main mistakes and adjust the subsequent strategy.

    Who should order a comprehensive website promotion in the first place?

    1. New Internet projects and sites. Launching a startup with marketing tools on the run won’t bring any results. An integrated promotion strategy should be ready even before launch, the company should study all possible channels and entry points well.
    2. Sites with falling or stagnating traffic. An integrated approach will help to identify the causes of failures in the process of in-depth analysis and to understand exactly how to fix the current situation. If all of your attempts to drive traffic to your website or increase your online sales have failed, it’s time to entrust this business to a third-party agency.
    3. A business that wants to promote on the Internet. Of course, it’s not enough just to want to go online, because “everyone has been there for a long time”. The decision to promote on the web should be taken deliberately. But if all the arguments are grounded, and your offline business can really get customers from the Internet, an integrated marketing approach is really important.

    Frequently asked questions about integrated internet marketing

    When to Implement a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy?

    Mandatory at the start of a new project; if the main indicators of your company are falling or there is no stable development; when there are promising growth points that you can master, but you do not know how to do it correctly; when competitors “step on your heels.” In general, even growing and promising companies need a comprehensive marketing assessment and regular updates to their strategies.

    When will I see the first results?

    The most pressing question, to which, alas, it is impossible to give a clear and universal answer. Since each business and market is specific in its own way, and trends change from day to day, this will depend on the chosen promotion methods. On average, for example, an increase in website traffic can be observed in 2-3 months, if search engine optimization was used as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

    How to order a service?

    Contact us by phone number, write by mail at any time or fill out the form on the website. After a basic audit and negotiations, we will get to work. We will first approve the action plan and then proceed with the implementation of all services.

    How much does complex website promotion cost?

    It will depend on what set of measures will need to be implemented after the audit, for what period the strategy is calculated, and how many specialists will be involved in your project.

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