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    Business owners turn to an inbound marketing company when it is vital for them to attract online users to a site. But it’s not so simple. The service helps build long-lasting and meaningful relations between a business and a customer, and it takes really much time to create a working, effective content strategy especially for a new business to make it visible. Within inbound marketing service from FIVE.MEDIA you will get a reasonable strategy of attracting free and the most targeted traffic to your site, which will be easily transformed into leads and sales.

    Inbound marketing vs Outbound marketing

    Helps to connect with TA

    Classic or outbound marketing is targeted at getting customers’ attention and pushing them to make a purchase. Inbound marketing is focused on customers’ needs and giving them important information. Be getting it, a TA starts working out a strong bond with a company, which seems an authoritative expert.

    Easy on your budget

    Creating content like articles, DIY guides, instructions, etc. may cost tens of times less than using classic methods of online advertising. Moreover, it can be in demand for years, while boring banners and target ads are easy to forget. So, inbound marketing pricing is more attractive + you get stable targeted traffic.

    Provides skyrocketing brand awareness

    It is easier to recommend a company that truly solved a customer’s needs and seemed a real expert in its field rather than a random company whose advertising you saw occasionally. When people see useful content and goods you offer, your company becomes an eminent player on the market, which is really important.

    Problems that inbound marketing solves

    • 1

      Generating quality traffic

      Insane traffic is great, but conversions are better and their ratio depends on how interested your visitors are. Opposite to targeting, inbound marketing literally makes your likely potential customers find you by themselves. When it happens, it is easier to memorize your site, your company, and your services, so the chance of making a purchase is very high.

    • 2

      Attracting more leads

      Getting leads and, subsequently, sales may cost a fortune to any company. Embedding inbound content marketing into your strategy brings more traffic to your web-resource. And considering that most of the visitors are potentially interested in your product since they read your guide or watch your video, they are likely to register, subscribe and contact you.

    • 3

      Speeding up ROI

      Due to their cost-effectiveness and mostly free methods of attracting traffic, inbound marketing services are mostly chosen at the very first steps of a company’s development. Using this method, it is more effective for new businesses to gather a client’s base, become popular, stand out from competitors, and, for sure, provide ROI in the shortest terms.

    What do inbound marketing services include?

    • Audit of your market, company, and web-site

      Not a single strategy is full without an initial audit. After this procedure, it is clear for an inbound marketing consultant to understand what does your company lack in the matter of content. Besides, the very first ideas on your strategy may occur right there.

    • Customer's profile analysis

      How will you know how to attract interested users without knowing your TA’s problems, concerns, and favors? Learning your customers is vital for building a working inbound strategy, so the average inbound marketing agency may spend even a few weeks on researches. Everything is important: age, social class, marital status, education, income level, preferable social networks, hobbies, even favorite books. Most of these features give an understanding of how a customer comes to a purchase decision.

    • Topics research

      When you know your potential customer and how he/she makes purchases, it’s time to come up with the juiciest topics. The key issue is not to focus on your products or services but give your users high-quality content that matches their interests and helps to solve particular problems that are connected to your business.

    • Analyzing the most suitable type of content

      Formats of content also play a huge role. Surely, it depends on your budget, IT-resources, expertise, and your fantasy as well. Start from the easiest one - fill your blog with high-expertise content, teach the customers how to use your products, offer them video lessons. Later, an inbound marketing specialist with a team of content makers can create podcasts, e-books, webinars, develop chatbots.

    • Creating the best content for potential customers

      Now, it’s time for a creative process. Don’t forget to engage your product specialists to help create exclusive and highly professional content - no one knows the business better than them. If you turn to inbound marketing agents, they can provide you with special requirements or create the content personally for you. Notice that the very first pieces of content may be non-commercial at all. It is absolutely normal not to mention your company’s goods at the very beginning.

    • Promotion of content

      Depending on your TA, promote the content with the help of any available marketing channel. Post it on Facebook (or advertise it using targeting), create guest posts, tweet it, etc. Honestly, using social networks is one of the greatest ways to share your content and get an honest, almost immediate reaction.

    • Engage users to buy

      After you got attention and gathered leads, all you have to do is to engage them in communication, sharing content, and buying process. Inbound marketing proposal may include consulting on transformation leads into real customers by “walking” them down your sales funnel.

    What is inbound marketing: more facts

    Inbound marketing is a methodology of attracting customers through digital channels with useful content. The key issue is providing internet users with the information they need. In process of interaction with your content, a potential customer (a lead) builds a connection with your company, becomes loyal, and step by step transforms into your client.

    This term was introduced by an American developer Hubspot in 2006. The process of transforming a stranger into a customer consists of 3 stages:

    1. Attraction – use helpful and valuable content that is delivered through the most relevant platforms and channels, draw the attention of targeted internet users, entertain them and fulfill satisfy their need for information;
    2. Engaging – you gradually present your product and services to the visitors, prove your business will solve their problems, and make them interact with your content/ site – now, they are your leads;
    3. Delighting – you become an “advisor” for your customer, engage your specialists, give consumers more and help them, and soon, former leads and regular clients become your brand’s promoters.

    What methods and instruments do we use?

    Each respectable and experienced inbound marketing firm knows that for each of the mentioned phases there are different strategies, channels, and instruments. What are they?

    • Planning content and blogging. Deep and thoughtful research of helpful topics makes 50% of the result. The agency you turn to must have prominent experience in content marketing, it should both create and promote it successfully.
    • Search optimization. Your content should be easy to find online, that’s why SEO is also a key in the work of inbound marketing consultants. An experienced SEO-specialist will optimize content according to specific phrases and keywords.
    • Social media marketing. There’s no way to spread your content easier and quicker than with the help of social media. Promoting your business account is a must!
    • Live chats and chatbots. In the phase of engaging, the implementation of chatting technologies helps users to build a closer connection and make sure they’re dealing with true specialists.
    • Email-marketing. It is a powerful tool when it is needed to push leads to a purchase. Later, it is great for informing customers about news, promotions, new products.
    • Conversion optimization tools. CTA’s and lead forms are the musts on your web-resource to make it easier for a customer to walk through your sales funnel.
    • Marketing automatization. Personalization and the automatic delivery of delightful content will keep clients interested and engaged in the buying process.

    Example of inbound marketing

    There are tons of useful and fascinating content on the web provided by a certain company, and you may not even suspect it while interacting with it. How does it work?

    Let’s assume, you are a coffee lover. You google “types of coffee roasting” and one of the first results that hold your attention is huge and comprehensive infographics. At first, you don’t notice it is on a coffee web-store, you continue investigating more about your favorite drink by reading articles and watching videos on sorts, kinds of drinks, methods of brewing, etc.

    Not even a week will pass as you see the targeted ads of this online store on your Facebook and decide to buy a few packages of freshly roasted beans from different regions. A month later, you order a new coffee machine in the same store and advice your friends – a short way from a regular user to a promoter!

    Frequently asked questions

    What inbound marketing solutions will I get?

    We start with content marketing, blogging, SEO, and promotion on social media. The next steps will depend on your site’s capability and further goals.

    What are the drawbacks?

    The most important con is the deferred result. It takes time for content to become viral or bring thousands of traffic. Nevertheless, the outcome of inbound marketing will surely surprise you.

    Is inbound marketing agency pricing high?

    Writing articles costs less than writing a script for a video lesson and filming it. Thus, your final price for inbound strategy will be personal. Contact us by e-mail or a phone to know the details.