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    If you think that online stores only survive with cosmic advertising budgets, we're delighted to surprise you. Many of our e-commerce SEO clients thought so as well until they became convinced that search engine optimization of an online store is an equally effective way to attract customers. A nice bonus is significant savings on more expensive promotion channels. With SEO from FIVE MEDIA, you can forget about expensive advertising.

    What results to expect after search engine optimization for eCommerce

    The number of targeted site visitors will increase

    Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and the relevance of search results to specific queries is increasing. If you take the first positions of the search results page for popular commercial queries, only users who are really interested in buying your products will visit the site.

    Sales from the site will increase

    SEO services for eCommerce give an increase in traffic, along with the growth of sales. In addition, the pages of an optimized site load quickly, and its structure is clear even for those visitors who are buying online for the first time - these factors also accelerate the increase in the number of orders.

    The cost of attracting a visitor will decrease

    Online store search optimization provides top positions in SERP for popular commercial queries. Along with the growth of positions, the number of visitors grows and the percentage of traffic from search results becomes higher. In this situation, the business owner can safely reduce the costs for contextual or targeted advertising and minimize the expenses of attracting a customer.

    Pages will hit the top of search engines

    The correct eCommerce SEO optimization will only give a positive result to your site. As an example, the category and product pages of your online store will be at the TOP of search engines, which means that there will be significantly more conversions from target users and sales will increase substantially.

    The site will bring customers after the end of the promotion

    When website optimization is done correctly and without using ``black`` methods, nothing negative will happen to the results of the promotion even after it stops. In other words, if one day the cost of SEO for your eCommerce websites ceases to suit you and you stop working with us, the site will remain its positions on SERP for months and you will still make a profit from cooperation with us.

    Dependence on season sales will decrease

    Due to the fact that pages of your site’s categories and products will take the first lines of SERP for keywords, there is a high probability that users will buy seasonal goods out of season without additional costs for SMM and Google AdWords on your part.

    How to know if your online store needs eCommerce SEO service

    • 1

      There are no organic visitors

      When the part of visitors from search results is less than the percentage of those who visit the site from other channels, consider applying to an eCommerce SEO specialist.

    • 2

      There are no top positions in the search results

      You can't do without search engine optimization especially if the site is not on the first page of SERP for low-frequency queries.

    • 3

      Lack of sales

      Even if your online store sells the best products, customers simply won't find your site without promotion.

    Stages of SEO for an online store

    • Market and competitor research

      In order to study in detail the intricacies of the business and find the paths that the company should take to become number one in its market, we conduct market research. At this stage, we create conditions for building an SEO strategy for promoting an online store, which will bring new customers to business as soon as possible and increase its profits.

    • Technical audit

      Errors on the site and low loading speed prevent you from getting top positions in search results and degrade the user experience. This entails a decrease in sales volumes and, accordingly, business profits. To detect such errors, we conduct a technical audit of the online store for more than 200 features.

    • Usability analysis

      When a site is inconvenient to use and visitors have trouble finding a product or contact information, the risks that they will go to a competitor increase. We conduct a usability audit in order to detect elements that make using the site inconvenient and incomprehensible.

    • Compilation of the semantic core

      Collecting keywords for which the site will receive top positions in the search results is important for several reasons. First, the list of such phrases helps to work out the structure of an online store to understand which categories should be added or improved. Secondly, without a semantic core, it is impossible to properly optimize site pages, draw up a technical specification for a copywriter, and evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion.

    • Adjusting the structure and creating SEO filters

      The semantic core collected at the previous stage is used to work out the structure of the online store so that it will benefit the promotion and convenience for visitors to use the site. At the same time, we optimize the filter pages for low-frequency queries and by this action create new entry points to your online store.

    • Correction of technical errors

      If there are a lot of errors on the site, promoting will not bring any benefit. At this stage, we fix broken links and redirects, remove duplicate pages, and also fix other problems found during the eCommerce SEO audit. Additionally, we implement improvements that make SEO more effective.

    • Composing meta tags

      Optimized meta tags are a factor that affects Google’s decision’ to give your online store priority in SERP on which depends whether users will visit your site. Meta tags for online stores are different from meta tags for other types of sites, they have their own characteristics. Knowing these features, we write working titles and descriptions taking into account the business peculiarities.

    • Content, categories, and filters optimization

      Pages of categories and filters on online stores are most often the entry points to the site - they are the ones that are displayed in the search results for the most popular queries. In order to conduct successful promotion of goods on the Internet, we write and add texts interspersed with SEO and LSI keywords to the pages.

    • Optimization of product pages

      The better the product page on the site is composed and the more detailed description it contains, the more likely it is that the visitor will buy this product. At this stage of promotion, we work out the structure of the product profile: add blocks of reviews, blocks with similar and related products, optimize headings, make recommendations for texts and images, etc.

    • External optimization

      The authority of an online store in the eyes of search engines plays no less important role for promotion than detailed product descriptions and SEO texts on category pages, errors’ absence, and high page loading speed. To raise this authority, we make publications with links to the site on popular online resources, leave references to it on forums, add it to thematic directories (perform outreach).

    • Development of a thematic blog

      A blog helps an online store to attract potential customers, increase the credibility of the company. But it gives noticeable results only if articles are written on trendy topics for a particular audience, supplemented with keywords, and with a proper structure. We write such articles at this stage of SEO eCommerce marketing. Notice that the price of articles and the frequency of their publication are determined individually.

    Why Five.media?

    Experience in providing enterprise eCommerce SEO in different markets.

    Understanding modern e-commerce technologies.

    Transparent and understandable working methods.

    Fair and competitive eCommerce SEO pricing.

    Great understanding of basic Google search algorithms.

    Constant analysis of your and competitors’ sites.

    What else do you need to know about promoting an online store?

    The site has been promoted but no results

    You can understand why the promotion of an online store, which was carried out by a qualitative eCommerce SEO company, only after a deep analysis of the data. Such research reveals problems, after the elimination of which the search engine optimization will start working. Such problems may be a lack of traffic or conversions, the search engine filters, sanctions, etc.

    The next step is to develop a strategy that leads to achieving top positions and increasing traffic. To create this strategy, we perform a technical audit of the site (it is included in the cost of the eCommerce SEO package), analyze the keywords which are used for a site’s promotion, analyzed organic traffic. We also check the correctness of the meta tags and the correct spelling of texts on the pages of categories and products. If problems are found, meta tags and texts should be rewritten. The last important step is creating valuable backlinks and removing low-quality links.

    Is it possible to order a comprehensive promotion of an online store?

    The digital agency FIVE MEDIA has been engaged in the comprehensive promotion of e-commerce business since 2006. The components of such a complex promotion are:

    • SEO – optimization of an online store to display links to its pages on the SERP for relevant queries. Search engine optimization gives a website a steady stream of visitors with a strong intention to buy a product. The peculiarity of SEO is that even if this kind of promotion stops, this channel continues to bring customers for months.
    • SMM – attracting new customers through social media. Social media marketing increases the visibility of an online store and increases its level of authority. In addition, targeted advertising brings targeted visitors to the site and provides additional sales.
    • Contextual advertising is a type of ads that involves displaying advertisements that are relevant to a user’s request or to the content of a web page. The advantage of PPC advertising for e-commerce sites is that it helps to attract buyers and get first sales even at the very beginning of an online store launching. Sites that have been working for some time and are familiar to their target audience often use this type of advertising as an additional channel for getting customers.
    • Content marketing is a method of gaining the trust of existing customers and attracting potential ones, based on the publication and distribution of useful articles, videos, and other types of content focused on a consumer’s needs.
    • Email marketing is a way to attract and retain customers and advertise products through email newsletters. In e-commerce, it is often used to reconnect with long-time customers, reward loyal customers, inform about promotions and sales. One of the advantages of email marketing is the segmentation of recipients by an unlimited number of features and the further sending of personalized emails to each of the segments.

    What is the price of SEO eCommerce packages?

    The cost of promoting online stores is calculated individually for each company. The price depends on many factors, some of which are:

    • The age of the online store. Usually, the older the site is, the less time and money it takes to get to the top of the SERPs.
    • The number of pages. The cost of eCommerce SEO agencies services strongly depends on the amount of work, since the difference in the time spent on bringing different types of stores online is very large.
    • Competition. If there are already many competitors in your market or segment, it will take more time than to promote a site that has few or no rivals.
    • The number of search engines. The promotion of an e-commerce site to several search engines complicates the process since you need to optimize the site taking into account the search algorithms of different systems like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and others. In this situation, you need to “please” everyone.
    • Client’s desire. Also, the price of promoting an online store in Google or other search engines strongly depends on the key result the client wants to achieve. This can be: increasing the general search traffic, bringing specific categories or groups of products to the SERP’s top, bringing certain queries to the top, or taking the first positions in all categories and groups of products.

    How to order SEO promotion of an online store

    To make your online store start receiving high traffic and top positions on SERP, order website promotion by filling out the form on this page. You can also discuss the details with the managers of the eCommerce SEO agency FIVE MEDIA by calling +38 (098) 693-07-44.
    When ordering SEO promotion of an online store from us, you get an individual approach, detailed reports on the work performed, positions, traffic, expenses, as well as stable results that last for months or even years.

    Popular questions about online store promotion from our clients

    How long does it take to promote an online store?

    200+ ranking factors influence the positions of online store pages in the search results. Because of this, it is difficult to calculate the exact time for promoting an e-commerce website, but it usually takes 6 months or more. The duration of an online store promotion also directly depends on the number of product and category pages, competition in a niche, etc.

    Who needs search engine promotion of an online store?

    Search engine optimization of e-commerce sites helps to attract new customers, boost sales, and increase company awareness both for online old and new sites. Also, this service may be vital to e-commerce projects that have started to lose traffic and positions in search engines, or want to become a leader in their market.

    Which stores are SEO-friendly?

    Most often, SEO is ordered by marketplaces, as well as by companies that sell the following products online: construction materials,household appliances, electronics, gadgets, cosmetics and self-care products, medicines, clothes, shoes, and accessories, food and drinks.

    Are there any guarantees?

    Search engine ranking algorithms get changed very often. Because of this, it is impossible to give a 100% guarantee for specific promotion results. But we assure you that we will use all the experience gained over 14+ years of work to promote your site and will do our best to help you achieve the best results.

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