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    Apart from working with entrepreneurs, FIVE.MEDIA also consults lead generation specialists from other companies. Going through a crisis? Ran out of ideas? Reached the achieved number of completed orders but struggle to grow further? Leads may not be the problem. A website audit will show what’s holding the development back. The result won’t keep you waiting long.

    When to order lead generation services?

    High demand and competition

    Most clients prefer companies that have been on the market for a long time and stay on top simply due to their reputation. It only takes a few lead generation steps to stay ahead of the competition.

    A new business

    Startups need leads to stay afloat and scale. The main task for companies entering the market is to form a customer base as soon as possible. If you hold this up, you risk going bankrupt. A lead generation agency will help you reduce the time spent on attracting the target audience.

    Bad results

    If the sales aren’t going well, it’s time to go for digital marketing. Lead generation is one of the easiest ways to buy sales, as paradoxical as it sounds. Yes, this means lower margins, but the math works for you: if dumping is prohibited by law, you can still outperform competitors by spending a small % of your profit generating leads.

    Who needs lead generation?

    • 1

      Real Estate Agencies

      Lead generation is so common in this sphere that not only real estate agencies compete with each other but also marketing companies providing services for them. Regardless of the lead payment model you choose (CPC, CPA, or CPL), your campaign should be fine-tuned and expertly set up.

    • 2

      Financial organizations

      Banks, insurance funds, and online lending companies operate in a highly competitive area. To beat competitors and get super profit, you need to build a promotion strategy that will minimize lead generation pricing for you and bump up key business metrics without compromising your marketing budget.

    • 3

      Service websites

      The number of orders and the client base will grow if your promotion strategy includes lead generation: lawyers, attorneys, private clinics, photo studios, various agencies – everyone buys leads. The only question is how warm (ready to buy) these leads are. A professional lead generation company attracts buyers, not visitors.

    • 4

      Training agencies

      If you offer business training programs, run coaching programs, or have language learning courses (or other courses), you may gain more clients from Facebook than when distributing free tickets. Social media lead generation allows you to attract customers even if you don't have a website or landing page.

    • 5

      Travel agencies

      A lead generation consultant will keep you from ineffective advertising costs. You pay only for customers who have shared their contacts and want to become customers. This is the main difference between this method of traffic boosting and the rest: you outgrow competitors not only in page views but also in KPIs.

    • 6

      Online Stores

      A store's job is to sell. If the sales are disappointing, you can improve them with lead generation. A digital agency will attract the right audience to your website (not some chaotic traffic from random visitors), allowing you to save on advertising, increase the % of transactions, and climb the top of the SERP thanks to customers staying on the website longer and taking targeted actions.

    How do we work?

    • We analyze the project

      A website audit will show how optimized the resource is for working with target audiences, at what stage you’re most likely to get customer leakage from the sales funnel, why this happens, and what has been done wrong so far. In addition to the website, we study your business’s competitive environment. This will serve to compile a more accurate portrait of the consumer and their behavioral patterns. Based on the data received, we build a promotion plan.

    • We develop a strategy

      We’ll discuss with you a strategy, plan, and measures for its implementation, as well as all the conditions, from the cost per lead generation to the payment model, terms, cookie lifespan, etc. We consider your wishes, answer questions, and determine the ways to get leads at the lowest cost. We suggest changes to the website that will expand the sales funnel and reduce the percentage of abandoned carts.

    • We create a website or optimize yours

      If the audit found optimization problems, we either explain how to fix them or do the fixing ourselves. We set up social media accounts, create a landing page from scratch, fill it with optimized content (semantic core, keywords, advertising copies, unique proposition, pictures, videos, layout), and more. Outsource lead generation to FIVE.MEDIA to receive a package of services with 24/7 support at any stage.

    • We start an ad campaign

      Apart from lead generation services, our company specializes in contextual advertising, contextual media networks, remarketing, and targeted ads on social media. If your website doesn’t require extra optimization, these tools will lead to a tangible increase in sales within a week. Cooperation goes beyond setting up and launching the campaign. B2B lead generation at FIVE.MEDIA provides for further control and targeted adjustment of already launched campaigns to maximize their efficiency.

    • We automate the process

      The CRM system collects information about leads, sorting, marking, and storing it for further work. We register in the system, integrate lead generation channels, and customize your workflow, taking the running promotion campaign into account. For example, the framework can be built in such a way that any lead, upon getting into the base, is picked up and involved in communication. This way the client won’t have time to “go cold,” turning from real into potential and then lost.

    • We form a report

      We form a report The work done, the results gained, current indicators, and the further growth forecast – we record everything and provide a report. Based on the current data, our lead generation specialist draws up a correction plan for the launched campaign, and we implement the corrections ourselves. You pay for the result, so we’re interested in the campaign bringing profit to the customer because our income depends on it too.

    The benefits of lead generation at FIVE MEDIA

    Fixed price

    The cost of a lead is discussed and approved once. It doesn’t change or depend on subsequent circumstances.

    You choose a payment model

    Pay per action, click, or lead – the choice is yours. Our goal is the minimum price.

    We attract quality traffic

    We filter out non-target audience. Only unique calls, clicks, subscriptions, and orders are taken into account.

    We care about the result

    We expand your client base and establish work with customer contacts so that they don’t go cold, increasing sales.

    We create a transparent report

    We work for you and speak your language. A comprehensible report is a mandatory standard for our work.

    We do everything ourselves

    We complete each item from the work plan agreed with you on our own. All you need to do is process orders.

    What you need to know about lead generation

    What is lead generation?

    Lead generation is a process of attracting users who are ready to perform at least one of the targeted actions on the website: place an order, subscribe to a newsletter, leave their contacts, write a review, etc.

    Unlike other promotion techniques offered by every marketing agency, the lead generation service results in an intensive increase in conversion (by improving the quality of traffic), rather than an extensive one (by increasing its number).

    What is a lead?

    A lead is a potential buyer who has shown interest in your product and has taken one of the targeted actions: visited the website, viewed contacts, filled out a feedback form, left an application, placed an order, etc.

    Based on the probability of becoming a client, leads are ranked as cold, warm, and hot. The hotter the lead, the more valuable it is, and, therefore, the more effective the channel that brought it.

    How to calculate the cost of a lead

    In lead generation, marketing cost is calculated using two methods:

    1. Actual: we divide the funds spent on lead generation by the number of leads. For example: 100 USD spent, 50 leads received, lead price = 100/50 = 2 (USD).
    2. Predictive: we decide what share of the average order margin we’re willing to pay the webmaster as a payment for a lead. This will be the cost of the lead.

    Not all leads end in a sale. Therefore, the order price is a more informative indicator. Let’s take the cost per lead and multiply it by your conversion rate. If out of 100 leads, about 30 become buyers, then the conversion rate is 30/100 = 0.3.

    For example: from an average purchase we get $200 of margin, of which we’re ready to spend $40 to pay for a lead. With a conversion of 30%, for 1 order we pay 40 * 0.3 = $12.

    Lead generation payment models

    There are three basic payment models: 

    1. Cost per Action (CPA);
    2. Cost per Click (CPC);
    3. Cost per Lead (CPL).

    Cost Per Action

    CPA is a model of mutual settlements between an advertiser and an affiliate, in which the advertiser (the one who buys leads) pays the affiliate (the one who generates them) only for the targeted action performed (a completed order, for instance). In this case, orders that weren’t completed aren’t paid. Leads that completed the registration or filled out the application form but didn’t bring commercial benefit are also not considered payable.

    CPA is the most transparent and productive model in lead generation outsourcing: you’ll hardly find a more cost-effective way to attract visitors to your website.

    An example of CPA-based cooperation: an online store that places its products on so-called CPA affiliate networks. The store pays the CPA network only for completed orders.

    Cost per Lead

    Cost per Lead is payment for users who came to the website and left their contacts (for example, after completing the registration procedure or subscribing to the newsletter). If your website doesn’t sell anything, but you’re interested in collecting contacts, then there’s no difference between CPA and CPL for you. In your case, the action is a subscription or registration.

    Separating (or combining) CPL and CPA makes sense if the task is to collect a base for mailings apart from lead generation. Cost per Lead is a common model among training agencies and, in some way, intermediate between CPA and CPC.

    Cost per Click

    CPC is payment for clicks, that is, for traffic. This means that the risk of attracting traffic from leads that may end up cold is quite high. This model may be inferior to CPA in terms of efficiency, but in general, this drawback isn’t a necessary attribute. The fundamental difference between the two models is in the methodology: while CPA raises conversions, CPC boosts the number of views and makes your website more popular – which ultimately also leads to increased sales. Plus, CPC is cheaper than CPA.

    An example of companies that benefit from working on the CPC model: news and other information resources that don’t offer goods or services.

    The advantages of lead generation

    1. Absolute assessment indicators. The results come not in relative terms but in specific numbers: the number of leads received, the number of sales, profit, the number of views, etc.
    2. Pay for the result. Expenses are strictly proportional to income. You pay only for real growth, not for increasing its likelihood.
    3. Easy budget planning. Determine how many leads you want to get, calculate the cost per lead, and multiply the resulting values. The campaign budget is ready.
    4. Brand awareness boost. By increasing the variety of traffic channels, you improve your search presence and gain more popularity.
    5. Sales growth without risk. Any lead generation marketing company is interested in growing your sales because it works for the % of the profit.

    Lead generation tools

    1. Website (Landing Page)
      The landing page that your leads, well, land on consists of a layout with multimedia elements and sales copy. The text provides information about your product, explains the uniqueness of the offer and benefits from a purchase made here and now, lists guarantees, includes reviews from satisfied customers as well as contact information and a button for placing an application/order. We do all the work on creating a landing page ourselves.
    2. Content marketing
      To ensure that the landing page (or your website) is user-friendly, doesn’t raise doubts, and encourages performing the targeted action, we create unique SEO-optimized content for it. Thanks to optimization, it’s easy to find, collects traffic, and drives more people to your proposition. Sales copy grabs the visitor’s attention and nudges them into action.
    3. Lead generation through social media
      Maintaining your company’s accounts on social media means drawing up a content plan, creating a group, selecting a recognizable, human-readable URL for it, creating a logo, posting content regularly, as well as writing copies and media content for posts according to the plan. The goal is to attract attention, be remembered, generate the maximum number of shares, and, ultimately, get leads into the sales funnel.
    4. Mailing lists and messengers
      Emails and notifications in instant messengers are a way to warm up cold leads. The letter will remind them of how unique your product is and the benefits the lead will lose if they don’t take the targeted action as soon as possible. Another type of mailing is unobtrusive newsletters with valuable content. Having received a portion of interesting info, a person is less likely to mark your next letter as spam, becoming more engaged.

    Lead generation for the B2B segment

    Through lead generation, our marketing agency will effectively improve your B2B KPIs. We’ll select and sort the audience according to the degree of interest in your product, create a unique selling proposition for each segment, and demonstrate it to the decision-maker at the right time in the right place. This approach guarantees an influx of leads at a minimal cost.

    In B2B, working with cold leads brings no profit, so you need to build a customer base from warm ones. And that means from decision-makers, not those who are just interested. It’s tricky to obtain the contacts of the management, but it’s possible. There are public and private resources for this: the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, databases like Cronos, etc.


    What will lead generation give?

    Lead generation is a transparent and easily manageable marketing tool that has direct and indirect beneficial effects on the website’s success. Direct effects include an increase in traffic, registrations, subscriptions, orders, and sales.

    Indirect effects: improved position in the SERP, a built-up or expanded customer base, a circle of regular customers, ensured repeat sales, increased brand awareness, a positive reputation, and new growth opportunities.

    What do I need to pay for?

    Depending on the payment model (CPC, CPL, CPA), you pay only for those actions of unique customers that are stipulated when concluding a contract with FIVE.MEDIA.

    How much does lead generation cost?

    The price is determined after analyzing your project. The analysis is free. Sure, before that, you need to apply and become our lead But we promise: if something doesn’t suit you, we won’t bother you.

    How to order lead generation?

    To do this, leave a request on the FIVE.MEDIA website. We’ll analyze your project and contact you with a prepared proposal. Growth and success are impossible without collaboration with professionals. Collaboration is impossible without trust.

    You don’t have to trust us –
    order lead generation at the FIVE.MEDIA agency
    and trust the numbers.

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