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    It is impossible to create such a site from scratch, the conversion of which is off the scale, just as you should not forget about improving the indicator if the business is booming. Conversion rate optimization consulting and complex measures may be required at any stage of an internet project's development. If you are tired of paying for ineffective traffic and are unhappy with sales, it is very likely that you are on the FIVE MEDIA website.

    What affects conversion rates


    Immediately giving the visitors what they need is the essence of relevance. For example, the bounce rate will rise if the product category page in an online store contains inappropriate products.


    Obviously, an outdated, off-putting, or “harsh” interface design will not lead to higher conversions. Design optimization is one of the most important factors when it comes to motivating to take action.

    Usability and optimization

    You can work as much as you want on making your site irresistible, but it will be of no use if users find the site inconvenient. The balance of design and successful user experience must be struck across all platforms, browsers, and devices.

    Download speed

    Agree, there is no desire to use the resource if its pages are loaded for ages. And just imagine how many orders you are missing out on, turning a blind eye to low download speeds. An audit will help to identify and eliminate its causes.

    Value proposition

    The user must clearly understand how exactly your service/product will solve his/her problem, and what benefits they will receive. A high level of response can be obtained by offering users a unique bonus on a pleasant and convenient site.


    In eCommerce, content-driven conversion optimization is one of the most important tasks. Users may simply not have enough product descriptions, photos, video reports, comments. By the way, the useful content will have a positive effect on SEO.

    Conversion rate optimization experts FIVE MEDIA: how do we work

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      Together, we define your goals

      Conversion rates vary significantly for different types of businesses, and they grow in the same way. That is why it is worthwhile to approach goal setting responsibly and “with a sober mind”. After getting to know your business, a qualified CRO agency will help you define goals and plan tasks.

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      Collection and study of data

      Once we have access to your analytics systems, we can conduct detailed research into the reasons for low conversion rates. The most revealing data are maps of user behavior on the site. They show the path every visitor takes through the sales funnel, from the login page to the cart. Thus, it is easy to track and eliminate the moments when a potential buyer abandons an order. Also, heatmaps of the site, blogs, pages, and categories that give the most and least conversions are studied. Often, at this stage, you will also need to collect quality data using market research and study your audience in detail.

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      Conducting A / B analysis

      All the collected data is needed in order not to make changes at random, but to propose clear hypotheses and understand what is worth optimizing. A / B analysis is a tool for comparing two potential options for change (although there are others like A / A, A / B / C, etc.). What exactly needs to be adjusted and tested - it all depends on the results of the research and what the analyst shows. Such innovations can be placement and design of the CTA, design of the shopping cart or registration form, navigation on the site, replacement of heading texts, adding/replacing images, fixing bugs, and much more.

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      Analysis of results and adjustments

      During the test, one of the hypotheses can be confirmed - that means one of the proposed conversion optimization methods can show a positive result during research on real site users. But it may occur that the difference between the two or more options turns out to be insignificant - the hypothesis was not confirmed. Then, you will need to test other hypotheses, or look at the sample: perhaps too few users took part in the research.

    • 5

      Providing a report on hypotheses

      Changes for testing are not made on live pages. To confirm or disprove hypotheses, test versions of pages are created using special software, and these different versions are shown to different users. We include all the results of the A / B test (including failures and unconfirmed hypotheses) in the report so that you can see all the work done on website conversion rate optimization and what you have to deal with.

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      We accompany the process of changes on the site

      Based on the results of all the research, we start to contact programmers. We write detailed specifications for optimization, always stay in touch to monitor the progress of work. With the successful optimization of the first "batch" of pages, we can proceed to other sections of the site in the same way, because one-time changes are never enough.


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    It is in our interest to provide quality service and do everything possible to ensure that both you and your users benefit.

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    Website conversion optimization: everything you need to know

    What is conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

    Conversion is the percentage of site visitors from the total traffic who performed a specific target action (purchase, subscription, registration) on an online resource. Conversion optimization is a set of activities and tools aimed at improving the user experience in order to increase the percentage of useful actions made on the site. CRO is an ongoing, incremental optimization process that identifies and fixes the “gaps” in the sales funnel through which you are losing money.

    The main benefit of this improvement is to increase sales while maintaining traffic. You can systematically improve your website while keeping your SEO budget, advertising, context, and other marketing channels at the same level. Actions taken by a CRO agency should be based on detailed market research and sales funnel analysis.

    What is the most preferred conversion rate?

    Of course, the main goal of any commercial website is to convert a random visitor into a loyal buyer. To attract a user and lead him through the entire sales funnel from start to finish is the task of site marketers, as well as conversion rate optimization consultants. But passing through the funnel, a consumer not only can make an order directly. There are other types of conversion, as the user can perform many useful actions: a subscription to a newsletter or social networks, filling out a questionnaire, registration, etc. Making the main useful action on the site – buying – is called a macro conversion. The rest of the user’s actions are related to micro-conversions.

    It’s important to remember that it is impossible to achieve incredibly high conversion rates. Moreover, each market has its own adequate value for this parameter. And we hasten to assure you that this is not even 50 or 40%, but ten times less. According to various sources, the conversion rate for an ordinary online store averages 2-3%. For wholesale sites targeted at B2B clients, this parameter can reach 7%, and for web services – all 10%. It all depends on management, region, product specifics, service/product life cycle, and many other factors. So, for instance, eCommerce conversion rate optimization will be drastically different from some other types of sites.

    What results will I get after ordering cooperation with a conversion rate optimization agency?

    Obviously, companies apply to a conversion rate optimization services company so it helps them increase their sales. But is it only the result of the work of a team of specialists? This is far from the case.

    Since detailed studies are required for subsequent optimization, the intermediate results of CRO are the results of those researches. While conducting them, specialists study the entire site and a ton of analytical data from systems like Google Analytics, which may not even be studied by the employees of the customer company.

    So, in the course of research on site optimization, you can get the following results:

    • how long the session lasts on average;
    • through which pages visitors  get to the site most often and how they move on;
    • what is the search depth on the site (how many pages the user views before taking a useful action);
    • what key elements of the pages the user focuses on and which clicks more or less often;
    • when and why users abandon the cart;
    • high-quality user survey data on the technical condition and usability of the site (a list of bugs may occur);
    • a list of hypotheses that require confirmation.

    Only after systematization of all the data obtained and verification of all hypotheses, CRO specialists can start consulting on optimization or directly participate in the process of making changes to the web resource. The final result is your optimized website (or a landing page with a lead magnet built from scratch) and an increased conversion rate.

    What kind of research is needed for optimization?

    The testing, research, and audit process is the most labor- and time-consuming part of the service. The FIVE MEDIA arsenal includes the following methods of research within the CRO service:

    • Data research from Google Analytics. All the most important and indicative parameters of your site’s success in one resource is a quick and convenient way to start large-scale research.
    • Cross-browser testing on different devices. The biggest mistake site owners make is to ignore any platform or browser. As part of this research, we are testing the display and performance of your site on all possible devices.
    • Sales funnel audit. We study what stages the visitor goes through on the site, identify the weaknesses of the funnel: investigate the options for receiving orders, the efficiency of order processing, the level of service quality and support, etc.
    • Marketing channels audit. We analyze all entry channels and the quality of traffic that they attract.
    • User testing. We analyze user experience: both on ourselves and with the participation of real users.
    • Drawing up heat and scrolling maps. This research method clearly shows the depth of page viewing, with which page elements users interact most often and what they ignore, how the user’s session goes.
    • User polls. One of the best ways to find out how user-friendly and effective a site is – asking your visitors directly. Bonus: by conducting this, you can compose detailed portraits of consumers.

    What is being done to optimize conversions?

    To better understand exactly what changes your e-commerce site can go through, let’s look at all the possible measures to optimize conversions.

    • Partial or complete redesign. Research results will provide a clear answer to what exactly needs to be optimized in terms of design. Often, you can get by with moving blocks or adding new ones, adding navigation, “cosmetic” improvements to the CTA buttons. A complete upgrade of the site is not excluded if it is very outdated (both visually and technically) and only annoys the user.
    • CTA optimization. The call to action may be trivial, in a blind spot, or the value proposition that is articulated may be blurred to the prospect. This is easy to fix when implementing a CRO strategy.
    • UX optimization. The measures taken during the optimization of the user experience are aimed at the complete satisfaction of the user from the interaction with the site. If the resource is inconvenient, the visitor has questions like “Where is the basket?” or “How do I cancel a session reservation?”, some features are not working as expected, UX will be needed.
    • Improving the quality of content. E-commerce sites suffer from content quality problems. The final decision of the consumer is influenced by information about the product, the availability of reviews, videos, the number of photos. A user survey and even a comparison with competitors can tell you how useful and comprehensive information on the site is.
    • Cross-browser-platform optimization. We eliminate problems with the display and operation of sites on mobile and tablet devices from different manufacturers, as well as in browsers.

    Frequently asked questions about CRO

    When should you contact a conversion optimization professional?

    Definitely, when your traffic grows, while the conversion remains the same. Also, it is worth thinking about attracting a CRO marketing agency if this indicator falls, or the funds spent on marketing do not bring the desired results in terms of performing targeted actions.

    When will I see the results?

    Initial research and hypothesis testing can take months, and the scale and complexity of the optimization will depend only on the level of change required. Also, conversion rate optimization services pricing depends on your individual features.

    How to order website conversion optimization?

    Contact us using the form on the website and fill out the brief so that we can study your problem in more detail and evaluate the subsequent work. You can also call us at the phone number listed on the site.