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Researching relevant keywords and topics, developing a general SEO strategy.

Fixing errors

Removal technical errors that prevent sites from breaking out to the top of SERM.


Posting site's links on other qualitative and reliable resources, growing a mass of links.



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    See what our clients say

    It can be very difficult to persuade future clients in the necessity of search engine optimization. However, in the very first months of cooperation, they see the difference: the site's performance becomes better, search engine traffic is increased every week, new clients come every day. We are proud to have more than 25 successful cases in our portfolio, as well as dozens of happy clients whose business prospers due to our help.

    Benefits of search engine optimization for your site

    Long-term effect

    The site, which was raised up and “anchored” on the first lines of Google's results by an SEO specialist, remains in the TOP for months, even if the promotion is suspended. Until the search engine makes major changes to the algorithms, you will effortlessly receive huge volumes of organic traffic.

    Savings on advertising

    SEO is the most budget-friendly way to attract targeted visitors to your website. With proper SEO search engine optimization in Google, traffic is constantly growing. And since the monthly price of our services does not change, the cost of the attracted visitor will gradually decrease every day.

    Constant traffic growth

    Google search engine optimization services in different countries involve a constant increase in the number of words and phrases, as well as the position of these words by which users find the site when searching in Google. This, naturally, affects the site traffic - it is constantly growing.

    Target audience

    With each update of the search engine algorithms, the selection of sites that are displayed on the first SERP becomes more relevant to the user's request. The benefit for visitors is that they find exactly what they are looking for. And site owners receive targeted traffic from such updates.

    Increase in conversion

    SEO converts a user into a client better, since the user goes directly to the page that is most relevant to the search request.

    Growing brand awareness

    The marketing Rule 7 says that consumers think about buying a product only when they see its ad at least 7 times. In SEO, the situation is similar: the more often a user sees a site on the first lines of SERP, the more likely it is that the authority of this online resource in their eyes will grow.

    Factors affecting the price and timing of SEO promotion

    • 1

      Technical condition of the site

      If you do not monitor the technical condition of the site, over time, the accumulated errors will begin to slow down the growth of its position in search results. Before starting the promotion, these shortcomings must be fixed. And it is important to be prepared for the fact that you will have to spend much time fixing errors.

    • 2

      Age of the site

      Older sites usually get priority in search results and are easier to promote than younger ones. This does not mean that if you have just created a site, you can forget about the "top 3". You can get to the top of the SERP, but it will take more time. In this case, the SEO services cost are also higher.

    • 3

      Niche competition

      Competition is the biggest factor affecting the duration and cost of search engine optimization. Therefore, it is more difficult to promote sites that have many competitors, because everyone wants to be in the top positions. If you have no competitors or there are few of them, the site will reach the top much faster.

    • 4

      Region of promotion

      It takes less time and resources to promote online stores, web portals, blogs, and business sites, the target audience of which is residents of a particular region. Sites on which targeted actions will be performed by residents of several regions, the whole country, or several countries, need much more time to be displayed at the top of Google search results. Obviously, the cost of optimization will be higher in this case.

    • 5

      The popularity of the selected queries

      The more often users "google" a specific query, the more time it will take to bring the site to the top for this request. This is explained by the fact that many other competitors also set themselves the goal of raising their site to the top of the Google search results page for this popular query.

    • 6

      Scope of SEO optimization work

      It is more difficult, longer, and more expensive to provide SEO lead generation services for marketplaces, web portals, and online stores than highly specialized sites or thematic blogs. So, the larger the site, the more possible technical errors, and the greater the amount of work with its internal and external optimization is needed.

    What makes Five.Media SEO services different from the rest?

    A website optimization technique

    • 1

      Technical audit of the site

      Before directly starting the implementation of search engine optimization packages, we analyze a site for all kinds of technical errors that prevent an online resource from moving to the first lines of SERP, determine its weak and strong sides. Based on the information collected, we draw up a technical task for the programmer, in which we indicate the errors found, recommend ways to fix them. Next, we send a report on the primary site optimization to the client.

    • 2

      Compilation of the semantic core

      Collecting the widest possible semantic core allows you to find all kinds of request options for which the user is looking for information or a product on the Internet. Based on the semantic core of SEO specialists, they decide how to optimize the site, which pages should be created to increase the entry points of visitors. And if the site is created from scratch, then its entire structure is formed according to semantics.

    • 3

      Internal optimization

      At this stage, we compose the Title and Description meta tags, delete non-existent pages and pages with duplicate content, get rid of redirects. At the same time, we are performing a number of other tasks to optimize site pages for search engines: we link pages, add microdata taking into account the type of site, etc. The result of these actions is an online resource that meets the recommendations and requirements of search engines. And this is a factor that affects whether a search engine will give the first positions to your site or to competitors.

    • 4

      External optimization, link building

      If other resources refer to the site, this is a signal for search engines, which tells them such sites can be trusted. By performing external website optimization, we organically increase the number of links from third-party resources to the client's website and build up the link mass. At the same time, we are building up social signals, which are also taken into account by search engines when ranking.

    • 5

      Analyzing the work done

      From the moment when the client found out search engine optimization services cost and ordered a service from us, we conduct initial optimization and then analyze the actions taken. If the results obtained differ from the predicted ones, we find the reason why this happened and adjust the progress. At this step, we are completing the formation of individual organic SEO services for a specific site and strengthening the position of the online resource on the top lines of the search engine results page.

    • 6

      Search for new points of traffic growth

      Even when the site has already hit the top of Google for popular searches, we do not stop working. After all, there is never a lot of traffic and it can be increased indefinitely. An effective way to do this is to create or "revive" a long-abandoned blog on a client's site. We also undertake the development of a content plan, taking into account trending topics, and draw up a detailed task for the authors. This technique of SEO optimization and website promotion brings additional traffic and forms the image of an expert for the company.

    Benefits of website promotion in FIVE MEDIA

    Great experience

    We have been promoting clients' sites from the USA, Ukraine, and Europe since 2006. We work with B2B, B2C, and E-commerce projects.

    Customized solutions

    We offer organic search engine optimization services and strategy depending on the type of client's website and the goals that he pursues.

    We love to solve complex problems

    14 years of experience gives the right to say we will bring to the top even the site that other agencies did not dare to promote.

    We use the best SEO software

    We use our technical know-how and the best software for SEO specialists to promote clients' sites.

    Always in touch

    Seven days a week, we are ready to answer client questions, advise, and share information on each stage of search engine optimization.

    Transparent reports

    Information about the growth of traffic and positions in the SERP, as well as the cost of content and links, is always available to the client.

    What you need to know about SEO website promotion

    What does SEO mean?

    SEO is the process of website optimization in order to get free traffic from search engine results pages. In other words, SEO is about making the necessary changes to a website that make it attractive to search engines. The goal of natural search engine optimization services is to display links to website pages in the first positions of SERP for the maximum number of requests.

    5 reasons why you need to order SEO promotion

    1. SEO contributes to the growth of website traffic. Companies that don’t do search engine optimization are losing a powerful source of targeted organic traffic – from SERP of Google and other search engines.
    2. SEO increases the company’s profits. The more visitors come to the site, the more likely they are to become clients of your company or to take targeted actions.
    3. SEO makes a brand or company famous. When a user often sees a certain site on the first lines of search results, the level of trust in that site grows.
    4. SEO improves the user experience. Users love optimized, user-friendly, and understandable sites and take targeted actions on them more often than on non-optimized ones.
    5. SEO continues to produce results while the promotion is paused. Even if you temporarily pause the optimization, the positions will remain unchanged for months

    SEO benefits

    • Works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Supplements and increases the effectiveness of other digital marketing channels: content and email marketing, SMM, etc.
    • Measurable results – up-to-date information about the growth of traffic, impressions, and clicks can be viewed at any time.
    • Reduces the cost of paid contextual and targeted advertising.
    • Contributes to the continuous improvement of the site.

    Disadvantages of SEO

    • Website promotion is a service that gives a noticeable increase in positions in search results not immediately, but only after a few months.
    • SEO requires serious investment if you need to bring a highly competitive site to the top.
    • If you don’t engage a reliable digital SEO agency in search engine optimization, there are risks of getting banned from search engine filters.
    • You will not be able to fully control the volume of traffic from your search results pages.
    • It may be necessary to hire staff to serve the increased number of customers and to replenish stock more frequently.

    How to choose the right search engine optimization company

    Review the company’s portfolios and cases. This will give an approximate understanding of the results that you will get by promoting your site, as well as SEO packages prices. It’s great if the SEO company has worked with companies that are similar in topic to your site.
    Study reviews online. Remember that users are more likely to leave reviews only if they did not like something and they were not happy. Therefore, you should not focus solely on this indicator.
    Schedule a meeting with a company representative. A minimum of specifics during a conversation can be a sign that the company is unreliable and will not bring the declared results to your business. Do not forget to also find out how much SEO promotion of your specific site will cost.
    Find out if the company uses “black” promotion methods. If it does, the harm from cooperation with such specialists will be much greater than the benefit.
    Find out if the company works with any other channels besides SEO. If you plan to use these channels in the future, it will be much more convenient if one

    Popular SEO questions from our clients

    How SEO works?

    Google determines on what position a certain site will be by checking its pages for 200+ parameters. These parameters were not disclosed, but SEO specialists managed to reveal some of them. If you create conditions under which the site parameters become as similar as possible to the reference ones, Google will raise such online resources to the first lines of the SERP.

    What is SEO optimization for?

    When the pages of a promoted site rise to the top of Google’s search results, users click on them to find an answer to a request. Thus, the traffic of optimized online resources is growing. Along with the growth of traffic, the number of targeted actions also increases. As a result, the company that ordered website promotion on the Internet begins to get more profit.

    What opportunities does SEO open up?

    SEO promotion helps a website to reach the top positions in search results and increase traffic. The cost of such traffic is several times lower than the cost of traffic from paid advertising, and the conversion is higher as well.

    How much does SEO site optimization cost?

    Important information you need to know about the cost of search engine optimization – it depends on a number of factors. For example, the type of site, the number, and frequency of promoted requests. To find out how much it will cost to promote your online resource, fill out an application on this page, call +38 (098) 693-07-44, or write an email to [email protected].

    In which languages do you promote sites?

    English, Ukrainian, and Russian are the languages of most FIVE MEDIA client sites. We also have experience in promoting online resources in other languages. If you want to know how much SEO optimization of a site in a certain language costs, please let us know by filling out an application on this page or by writing an email to [email protected].

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