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Email marketing is an important tool for working with the target audience and promoting your business online.


Email marketing is suitable for many branches and markets, for B2B and B2C customers.

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We provide customers with a complex strategy that includes a detailed schedule, design, and content writing.


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    It can be very difficult to persuade future clients in the necessity of e-mail marketing. However, in the very first months of cooperation, they see the difference. We are proud to have more than 25 successful cases in our portfolio, as well as dozens of happy clients whose business prospers due to our help.

    Why you need email marketing?

    To boost customer loyalty

    A business builds warm, trusting relationships with customers when it sends them useful content, like notifications about discounts and promotions in email newsletters. The price of a product or service in this case ceases to play an important role over time – even if it’s lower for competitors, customers buy from a company they’re already emotionally attached to.

    To Increase sales

    Any type of email marketing can bump up the flow of customers. For example, you can add a promotional code for a discount to emails that users receive after registering on the website or on the subscriber's birthday. You can also send informational emails with a link to useful articles, which contain a native ad for the company's new product.

    To minimize promotion costs

    Well-tuned newsletters help to save costs on paid channels for website promotion, like contextual or targeted advertising on social media. At the same time, for certain types of business, the effectiveness of email newsletter marketing services is often higher compared with the effectiveness of other channels.

    To automate processes

    There’s a wide range of specialized services and software solutions for running email newsletters, so you can automate some of the tasks. For instance, you can set up automation tools to send an email after the client takes a certain action on the website.

    To build up your reputation

    Customers' opinion of the brand will remain positive if you regularly provide them with constant updates, telling that you’re on the same page with them. The best option to keep your customers posted is emailing.

    To keep in touch with website visitors

    When a company stops reminding of itself, the client quickly forgets about it, and that’s where competitors pick them up. To make sure the client will come back, a business must learn how to maintain a constant connection with potential and existing customers. The easiest way to do this is by using newsletters. Besides, the cost of email marketing services is usually lower than the pricing on other website promotion channels.

    Types of email newsletters

    • 1


      These come with a bonus available for a limited time. It can be a discount, free delivery, a gift, etc. Promotional email campaigns typically start right before holidays or a special date in the client's life, when the season changes, and with the release of a new product, bringing the bulk of targeted email leads.

    • 2


      They inform the user about an event planned by the company, the release of a new product or update on current ones, and basically everything that might be of interest. Announcement emails motivate subscribers to try out a new product, attend an event, or watch it online.

    • 3

      Sales pitch

      Emails of this type are based on a product or service the company offers to the client. Their task is to motivate a subscriber to buy a product or order a service, keep a client in the target segment, and make an additional sale. In some cases, sales letters contain promotional elements.

    • 4

      Win-back emails

      They restore relationships with customers who have stopped using the company’s services or buying its products. Launching win-back newsletters takes more time compared to other types of emailing since it’s impossible without an in-depth analysis of inactive customers, their needs, and interests.

    • 5

      Transactional letters

      These emails are sent automatically to a specific user action on the website. Examples: confirmations, order status notifications, password recovery. Through transactional letters, a professional email marketing services agency can help a company or brand provide better customer service and increase their level of trust.

    • 6

      Informative letters

      These emails come with material that might be useful for the subscriber, like instructions, tips, articles, news, etc. Their main task is to increase user expertise and the reader's trust in a brand or company. This type of emailing is also a handy tool for boosting website traffic. Usually, letters contain a summary of the material, and the full text is published on the website.

    what are the differences between EMAIL MARKETING SERVICES of FIVE.MEDIA and other companies?

    How we work

    • We carry out project audits

      The task of this stage is to collect as much information as possible about the company’s activities and its target audience. For example, the percentage of returning visitors, sources of business profit, targeted customer actions that bring in a sale, etc. This info helps to make email marketing cost-efficient and customize campaigns so that they give the maximum profit to the company, depending on what it does and who its customers are.

    • We develop an email marketing strategy

      An effective email newsletter is impossible without a well-thought-out plan for its launch and maintenance. Developing a strategy, we schedule emails, determine when emails should be sent automatically, create a chain that turns a lead into a customer, etc. The actions performed at this stage reduce time costs and make each next step easier.

    • We collect and update the contact database

      The first step is to find out if the company has a collected database of customer email addresses. If it does, our email marketing specialists check the technology that was used to collect and store this database and then determine the ability to import and export contacts. For companies that have never used email marketing services before and don’t collect and store customer emails, we develop a strategy for obtaining email addresses and implement it on the website. We also come up with a lead magnet – something valuable that the client will receive for leaving an email. It can be a discount, e-book, or checklist.

    • We segment the contact base

      To make sure subscribers receive only those letters that will be interesting and useful to them, we divide the contact base into several segments as part of our email marketing packages. The number of such groups and the breakdown criterion are individual, based on the type of company and the characteristics of the goods or services it offers. Most often, segmentation is based on the activity of subscribers, their preferences, age, and gender, as well as geography.

    • We write the text and develop an email design

      The texts for each type of newsletters have their own characteristics. For instance, transactional letters should be concise and precise, while a sales pitch requires a more "juicy" text that highlights all the benefits of the product/service in an attractive, unobtrusive form. At this stage, we write texts for each letter type, based on the previously collected data about the company and the product. We also create a letter design that attracts attention and doesn’t conflict with the website's identity.

    • We implement a mailing strategy

      When the project is audited, the strategy is developed, the contact database is collected and segmented, and the texts for the letters are done, we begin sending out emails. In the end, the company gets emails that don’t annoy users, interesting and useful content. We achieve this through elaborate execution of each previous step.

    • We analyze the results and make changes

      No digital marketing channel produces decent results without analysis. That’s why a thorough newsletter survey is one of the main email marketing professional services. In this step, we check the mailing list metrics and compare them with the reference and predicted values. If these values don’t correspond to the numbers we planned to see, we analyze the mailing, find its strengths and weaknesses, and adjust the strategy. If necessary, we perform additional checks and comparisons, as well as improve the body text and heading, design, and other elements.

    Key email marketing KPIs

    The number of subscriptions

    The faster this number grows, the higher the percentage of completed targeted actions on the website.

    Open Rate

    Percentage Of Letters Opened. The higher this value, the more subscribers have opened the letter and read the info in it.

    Click to Open Rate

    The Ratio Of Opened Letters To Clicks. The higher this rate, the more attractive the letter is for the subscriber and the more often they follow the links from it.

    Unsubscribe Rate

    If it grows, this means that emails are either sent too often, irrelevant, or simply not interesting to the subscriber.


    Return On Investment. It shows the ratio between the cost of email marketing services and the profit received from this channel. Newsletters often provide high ROI.


    Spam Complaint Rate. It shows how often subscribers mark emails as spam. If the indicator exceeds 0.09%, the account may be blocked in the mailing system.

    What you need to know about email marketing

    What is email marketing?

    Email marketing is a type of digital marketing that’s based on sending e-mails to clients with relevant, useful, and nudging content. The goal of email marketing is to increase sales, boost customer loyalty, and deliver important information to them. Two basic characteristics of email marketing are regularity and personalization.

    What is an email newsletter?

    An email newsletter is emails that are sent regularly to a specific group of recipients at a scheduled frequency. Professionally done newsletters improve brand awareness, build relationships with customers, and increase sales. Other tasks partially or completely covered by newsletters: promotion and advertising of services, informing about promotions.

    Why is it important to design newsletters correctly?

    The first thing that the newsletter recipient pays attention to is design and layout. And only then, if the visual component caused positive emotions, they begin to read the text. Harmony in the letter structure, images, and illustrations, formatting elements in the text, the right combination of colors – all this determines whether the user will read from beginning to end and perform the intended action.

    Another reason why the newsletter design is just as important as the text is email providers and their algorithms. Newsletters with layout errors and emails incorrectly displayed on mobile can be automatically marked as spam.

    The pros of email marketing

    1. Quick start. Setting up and launching newsletters takes less time compared to other digital marketing channels.
    2. Profitability. Compared to email marketing services, pricing other promotion methods can be much higher, so newsletters pay off quickly.
    3. Understandability. It takes very little time to understand the basics of email marketing.
    4. Flexibility. You can segment subscribers and send emails to 100% target users.
    5. Analytics tools. After launching a newsletter, you can track a variety of metrics.

    The cons of email marketing

    1. The user can unsubscribe at any time. According to the rules, a button or link for unsubscribing should be in every letter.
    2. The subscriber can register a new email address and abandon the old one. After a while, this old email is blocked by the email provider. Sending emails to non-existent addresses harms the behavioral metrics and reputation of the business that launched the newsletter.
    3. No email marketing services company will be able to run newsletters without a contact database. If you’re just starting your online business, it will take time to build a mailing list.

    Popular questions from our clients

    How email marketing is different from spam?

    Spam is an email campaign aimed at users who didn’t give permission to receive emails. Spammers buy email databases or download them from websites that post email addresses to the public.

    Email marketing means sending letters only to those users who have agreed to receive these letters. Such letters have a button or a link for unsubscribing.

    How to avoid going to spam?

    Spam filters analyze the content of the letter for elements that indicate spam. If such elements are found, then all letters from the compromised address will immediately go to the Spam folder. Our email marketers know ways to avoid this and incorporate them into the email marketing strategy for clients.

    How much does it cost to order an email newsletter?

    Depending on the type of the client’s company, services, and experience of the email marketing agency, pricing may vary significantly. The cost of setting up and launching newsletters is calculated individually and depends on various factors, like the type of newsletters, the size of the subscriber base, etc. The cost of an email campaign is also influenced by whether a brand or company already has an email database or needs to collect it.

    How to order an email marketing service?

    To find out more about email marketing services and prices, send an application by filling out the form on this page or reach out to us at [email protected]. Individual approach, experience in solving complex problems, and transparent reports on the work performed are the advantages of FIVE MEDIA

    Why email marketing?

    Email marketing complements and improves the performance of the main digital marketing channels: search engine optimization (SEO) and contextual advertising. Opting for professional services in email marketing, you’ll get direct sales, increase customer loyalty, share news, and make event announcements. Email marketing is effective for both B2B and B2C businesses.

    How often to send out newsletters?

    Within one month after subscribing to the newsletter, you can send letters every day. In the future, the frequency of mailing gradually decreases to 1-3 letters per week. Ordering email marketing services from FIVE MEDIA, you’ll have your newsletters analyzed according to several metrics and the optimal frequency calculated.

    Do you need an email base?

    An Email newsletter done by FIVE MEDIA reaches the addresses that the users leave on the client’s website and agree to receive letters from the company. If you do not have an email database, we’ll develop and implement a way to build it up. For example, through the subscription form on the site.

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