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    Pulling it to the bottom of the search results that you may not even be aware of. Malicious backlinks to your website can wipe out years of powerful content strategy and hundreds of hours of programmers' work. Our link profile audit service has saved more than numerous sites from the attacks of competitors and the consequences of inexperienced link builders’ work.

    When do you need a back link audit?

    At the initial stage of website optimization

    You can get more accurate forecasts for the timing, cost, and results of website promotion after analyzing the link profile of competitors. This stage is carried out at the initial stages of website promotion and gives a complete picture of how many external links were received by a competing online resource, on which sites they are posted, how often new links are posted, etc.

    With a strong fall in the positions of keywords

    Site positions most often drop sharply due to the update of search engine algorithms, the appearance of errors on an online resource, and improper link building. Links can collapse positions in the SERP if they are deliberately placed by foes on ``junk`` sites. Link profile audit service, which you can order on our site, helps to find the reason for the drop in positions of Google's results.

    When falling under the sanctions of search engines

    There are search algorithms that analyze the link profiles of sites which is in the base of popular search engines. For example, Google calls this algorithm ``Penguin``. When it detects that a site is being linked to many low-quality resources, it excludes it from the SERPs. Link profile audit helps determine if such sanctions are imposed on your site.

    Steps to audit external links

    • We collect all external links

      Before starting the link detox audit, the price of which is affordable even for novice entrepreneurs, we collect all the links that lead to your site. For collection, we use platforms for webmasters of search engines and the popular services Ahrefs, SEMrush, Majestic SEO, etc. At this stage, we collect all links, regardless of how long ago they were posted - the more information we get, the better we will perform the following steps. We will 100% solve the task set by a client.

    • We evaluate the quality of the link mass

      Not all inbound links help a site to get top positions in search results - some of them, on the contrary, can contribute to the fact that this site starts to sink in positions. At this stage, we need to check the quality of the link and determine if it is "good" or "bad". To do this, we check each link according to a number of criteria: the authority of the site and the page on which it is located, the age of the online resource, its traffic from organic search, trust, spam content, etc.

    • We study the link profile of competitors

      To make predictions on the duration of link promotion, you should understand how things are with external links for you and your competitors. To do this, we perform a detailed link parity audit of the main competing sites in your niche. When the necessary information is collected, we draw up a report in which we indicate the recommended number of external links that you need to get in order to increase the speed of getting top positions in the search results.

    • We calculate the ratio of dofollow and nofollow links

      The optimal ratio of dofollow links that transfer weight to the linked site and nofollow links that don't transfer weight is 80/20. This ratio makes the link profile natural and reduces the risk of falling under search engine sanctions. If all links that lead to your site are marked with the dofollow attribute, the Penguin algorithm may suspect you of artificially building up the link mass and pessimize or completely remove the online resource from the search results.

    • We study the dynamics of link growth

      The basic rule of website promotion with links is to build up the link mass gradually. Search engine algorithms will quickly understand that an increase in referring domains from 0 to 100 in one month is unnatural and may put sanctions on such a site. At this stage of the link optimization audit, we study the upward trend in the number of external links and, if we find a sharp jump, determine its nature. For example, this can happen due to the actions of competitors who decide to ditch your site with toxic links.

    • We analyze the anchors of external links

      In building the link mass to the site, it is important to observe the correct ratio of anchor and non-anchor links and the number of commercial anchors - these are those that contain the words: buy, price, order, etc. Since if all external links are anchor, this will arouse suspicion among search engines. At this step, we check the site for external links with and without anchors and determine which type of links to add. The recommended ratio of anchor link to non-anchor link is about 60/40.

    • The quality of donor pages

      Two or three links added to sites with a high level of reputation and topics corresponding to the subject of the promoted resource may be more beneficial than 20-30 links added to general topic online directories. The quality of sites and pages on which links are posted is evaluated by a number of features. For example, we check whether the links are at the top of the page, whether the anchors are organically inscribed in the text, how unique this text is. We also analyze link donors for compliance with the subject of the acceptor site, etc.

    • We calculate the cost of link promotion

      To understand how many inbound links you need to get, it is important to know how many sites and pages link to competitors' sites. To do this, we study in detail their link promotion strategy, determine how they receive links and on which sites. We use this information, as well as the data obtained in the previous stages, to calculate the amount that needs to be spent on building a powerful link profile.

    Reasons to order backlink audit services from FIVE MEDIA

    We provide detailed reports

    We analyze the quantity and quality of external links of the client's website and its competitors, the dynamics of their growth, anchor lists, and a number of other parameters.

    Committed to quality and value

    Using the data of the analysis, we determine the most useful links for website promotion, develop a step-by-step strategy for building the link mass.

    We are SEO experts

    FIVE MEDIA employees have years of experience in external optimization and promotion of sites of any size and any complexity.

    What you need to know about backlinks audit

    What is an external link analysis?

    Inbound link analysis is the study of the link profile of a site and its competitors to determine the problems that hinder its successful growth, as well as create a working link promotion strategy. A link audit is also a way to “prevent” a site from falling under search engine filters, which menaces its removal from search results.
    External links research is carried out at different stages of site development – before launching, it helps to study the link promotion strategy used by competitors and gives information about their link mass to existing sites.
    In addition to data on the number and quality of backlinks, the audit report contains recommendations for the safe building of a link profile. It also includes information on the backlink audit costs, the number of needed external links, the frequency of their placement, suitable sites for their placement.
    mposed on your site.

    What do you get after auditing backlinks?

    1. Quality score and link profile distribution.
    2. Evaluation of link anchor spamming.
    3. The dynamics of the growth of links to website pages.
    4. Link promotion strategy.
    5. The results of competitors link strategy research.
    6. List of toxic links to remove.

    Why is it important to conduct regular link analysis

    If you think that it’s enough just to “check my site for toxic links” once, we will disappoint you. Checking the site for external links should be performed regularly. This is important because the chaotic formation of a link profile, when the owner or site optimizer is not tracking it, occurs continuously. A regular check for toxic links helps:

    • find “bad” spam links that slow down the site’s movement to the top positions in search results;
    • analyze the number of backlinks and, based on this data, adjust the link promotion strategy;
    • check the site for external links with dofollow and nofollow values, correct them if necessary;
    • analyze the relevance of external links to maintain a natural link profile and reduce the risk of getting penalties from search engines;
    • track the growth dynamics of the external links, detect sharp jumps in their growth, determine the cause of such jumps and, if they were caused by the actions of competitors, quickly remove these links.

    What is a “toxic” link

    Before you start typing “check for toxic links to my website” you need to tell a difference between the good and the bad links. A “toxic” backlink is a link posted on a site that has a low level of trust from search engines. Examples of such resources:

    • Trash link sites – sites with minimal amounts of useful content, on the pages of which many dofollow links are haphazardly added.
    • Websites that have embedded malicious code or that infect users’ computers with viruses.
    • An unprofessionally created PBN network – it is a network of sites designed specifically for the promotion of the main site.
    • Sites whose pages are poorly indexed by search engines.

    Until 2012, there was no buzz around “bad” links, since they did not have a negative impact on website promotion. Because of this, the competitor’s backlink audit services were also not in demand. However, with the release of the Google Penguin algorithm update, the situation has changed – sites whose SEO strategy was based on the purchase of a huge number of links without regard to their quality began to disappear from the search results. In the nearly 10 years since the release of this update, the Google Penguin algorithm has become much more accurate in identifying toxic links and penalizing sites that such links lead to. Because of this, today, independent link promotion of an online resource, without the participation of a good SEO agency with a top inbound link checker for a website, usually ends with sanctions from the search engines.
    The sudden appearance of dozens or hundreds of trash links leading to your site may indicate that your competitors have decided to play against the rules. You can prevent the negative consequences of such actions if you conduct a link analysis regularly. We recommend that you entrust this business to professionals that provide the best backlink audit service – although you can check backlinks on your own, you will have to spend a lot of time and money on buying and learning special tools. So, you really can save costs to perform a link audit by ordering a special service.

    What is a good link

    A “good” backlink is a link that is posted on a site with a high level of trust from search engines. Like in the offline world, such links give the same result as if a well-known politician, show business figure, or niche expert told his audience about your company. An important characteristic of sites that host “good” links is the relevance of their subject matter to the topic of your online resource.
    “Good” inbound links are a search engine ranking factor. With a systematic and thoughtful placement of such links on authoritative resources, the position of your site will begin to grow. We recall that the of the competitors link mass analysis helps to find such links from these sites – they can be used as a hint when looking for donor sites.

    How much does SEO link audit cost?

    If you plan to order a link analysis, the price of this service will be calculated individually. The main factor that affects the cost of checking backlinks to the site is the market in which your business is developing. In the case when your business environment is highly competitive with serious players, you will have to spend more time and resources on analyzing their link mass. The cost can also be influenced by the age of the online resource – more often, the older the site, the more other sites link to it and the more work will have to be done to analyze all links in detail.
    To find out the exact price for the link profile audit of your own site or online resources of competitors, send a request on this page. The FIVE MEDIA agency managers will perform an express analysis of the website links and the cost will be announced to you immediately after that.

    How to order a link audit

    To order link profile audit service to the site of your business or competing sites, fill out the application on this page. You can also order the link audit service by calling +38 (098) 693-07-44 or by sending an email to [email protected]. Our managers will study your application, clarify all the details and name the exact price and duration of work.


    How often to conduct a link audit

    The optimal frequency of link analysis for most sites is one to three times a quarter. For example, if there is high competition in your niche, the audit is carried out once a quarter.

    For which sites the service is relevant

    All sites need a link profile audit. However, it must be carried out for online resources that have already been or are engaged in building link mass and do not want to risk getting penalties from search engines.

    How to know if I need a link audit

    If you see a drop in traffic or positions in the search results, you should first order an external links audit. Also, this service will help to finalize the SEO strategy for sites that can not beat competitors.

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