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Collecting, measuring, and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data on website traffic

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Collected data clearly shows what is needed to be changed on your site

Improvement of Strategy

Regular analytics gives a clear picture of the current strategy and allows us to improve your indicators



Need deep research on your site?

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    Solve a business problem quickly, right here and right now... We are ready to work in high-speed mode, but only after we carry out the highest quality analysis of your site. Our team will not only analyze the ENTIRE site and competitors but also develop clear instructions for eliminating these issues, improving site performance, staying ahead of competitors in the market. Our clients will tell you about our success.

    Tasks that web analytics solves

    Compliance of the site

    Web analytics is a versatile tool that helps you track the achievement of website goals. For example, such a goal can be to increase the average purchase price in an online store 3 times within six months. Site compliance reports include detailed information on factors that positively or negatively affect their achievement.

    The quantity and quality of traffic

    The more visitors a site has, the higher the chances that a targeted action will be taken which brings profit to online business. This rule applies to most sites. Although sometimes there are situations when traffic does not bring any benefit. Digital web analytics is a good way to measure traffic.

    Assessment of traffic sources

    For some companies, a great source of targeted visitors is social networks, for the others, it is contextual advertising. At the same time, the first entrepreneur can continue to invest huge sums in email newsletters, and the second one - in messenger marketing. Digital analytics helps you determine the most appropriate and cost-effective traffic sources. Using this information, it is easy to reduce advertising costs and begin to manage the company's budget properly.

    Revealing weak points of the site

    Sometimes entrepreneurs set cosmic goals that they want to achieve using the Internet. At the same time, their site looks outdated, unsavory, and inconvinient. The opposite also happens: a seemingly perfect site hides a lot of technical errors behind its facade. Digital analytics consulting helps to find weak points of an online resource that hinder traffic growth and high conversions. It also helps you understand what specific steps should be taken to fix the site.

    Search for conversion growth points

    A lot of factors affect a site’s conversion rate. Some of them are applicable to almost any company. The example is the mandatory display of prices and a noticeable “Buy button” in online stores. There are also lesser-known conversion growth points that only work for a particular online business. Web analytics and consulting help to find such growth points.

    Reducing the cost of one client

    In order for site visitors to perform targeted actions, the company must invest in attracting those visitors. The spent amount divided by the number of customers is called a customer value. This value is reduced by optimizing individual acquisition channels. Web site analytics helps determine which channels need optimization to reduce customer cost and business costs.

    Who needs web site analytics?

    • 1

      Business owners

      Entrepreneurs who do business online will only begin to make smart decisions about the development of a company if they possess analytical data in each company’s area. For example, the important data is the cost of promotion channels and the percentage of customers that these channels attract. With this information provided by website analytics services, it is easy for entrepreneurs to anticipate and prevent potential business problems.

    • 2

      Internet marketers

      Digital marketing will be useless if you don't track the results each channel brings. Web marketing analytics helps identify the most effective of these channels and makes it easy to choose the right marketing tools. It also helps marketers more accurately determine the target audience of a brand or a specific ad campaign.

    • 3

      SEO specialists

      To evaluate the effectiveness of website promotion in search engines, web analytics data are used. This information helps you track down SEO issues that are preventing you from delivering targeted results and identifies potential growth points in the digital marketing channels. Website analytics also generally improves search engine optimization and ranking of an online resource, increasing its popularity.

    How we work

    • Setting up analytics tools

      Information for analyzing the effectiveness of advertising channels and search engine optimization, evaluating the growth in the number of visitors and conversions is collected by special services. The most famous of them are Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica (for Eastern Europe), Open Web Analytics. We install these services at the preparatory stage of web analytics services that no business can do without today. We also make settings according to the type of site and targeted actions that bring profit to the business. For example, buying a product/service, following an external link from, traffic on category pages, etc.

    • Analyzing incoming traffic

      As soon as the web analytics services are installed on the site and configured correctly, data collection begins. We use this information to analyze all advertising campaigns to evaluate the volume and quality of traffic for each of them. For a deeper understanding of how search results, social networks, email newsletters, and other marketing channels contributed to customer acquisition, we analyze reports on multi-channel funnels.

    • Carrying out a technical audit

      Even if a business has set up contextual advertising, sends useful email letters, and is ranked in the top 3 search results, improper site operation will nullify the effectiveness of these channels. To identify such errors, our digital analytics company performs a technical audit. The reports generated at this stage contain a list of problems with the structure of the site, its stability, and speed, as well as recommendations for their correction. Web analytics services, which should be ordered by every owner of a commercial resource, is an easy way to detect problems that prevent achieving goals in online business.

    • Checking the usability of the site

      The conversion rate and behavioral factors depend on how convenient it is for the user to interact with the online resource. For example, the small size of the menu button when opening the site from a smartphone can reduce the depth of page views. To identify factors that reduce the usability of the site, we conduct a usability audit. The reports of this stage include a summary and more point indicator like the behaviors of the visitor on specific pages, their interaction with forms, buttons, and other elements that lead to the targeted action.

    • Studying user behavior

      One of the capabilities of web site analytics, which we use at this step, is to track the full path that the client takes from the moment of the first contact with the site to the target action. The analysis of user behavior gives a clear understanding of which stages along the way need to be changed and optimized. After recommendations are implemented on the site at this step, visitors become customers more often and faster.

    • Analyzing the sites of competitors

      In order for customers to make purchases or order services precisely on your site, it is important to know everything about your competitors. At this stage, we analyze business rivals and obtain information that can be used to bypass them on the market. Examples of such information: promotion methods, marketing strategies, keywords. Considering the huge benefits of web analytics consulting at this step, the cost of its implementation stops being important even for the most frugal entrepreneurs.

    • Implementing the recommendations and analyze the results

      When all the audits have been completed and everything has been analyzed, we structure the information and draw up recommendations (write technical specifications for programmers, for example) that will help the business quickly achieve its goals. Next, we implement these recommendations on the client's site and begin to track changes in the metrics. If we notice that the data of these indicators does not meet the goals, we conduct additional audits and make the necessary changes to the site.

    • A/B testing

      You can figure out which option of the ad title or text on the site increases the conversion by doing split testing. It works like this: site users are divided into groups, each of them is shown different versions of the test subject. When the split test is over, the results are analyzed and the subject of testing of the group that performed the most targeted actions is implemented to the site. A / B testing helps to make an online resource convenient, to increase the number of purchases online. This technique is an important step in analytics for digital marketing.


    Focus on results

    We work with clients according to an individual strategy based on the type of their businesses and products being promoted, marketing channels used, etc.

    Clear recommendations

    Recommendations given by our website analytics agency are clear and informative for a specialist of any level - you can implement these recommendations immediately.

    Work experience

    For more than 14 years we have been providing website analytics services of the websites European, American, and Ukrainian companies and help to find drawbacks in their marketing strategies.

    What you need to know about web analytics

    What is web analytics?

    Web analytics is the collection, analysis, and reporting of site data in order to understand user behavior and create conditions in which they would perform more targeted actions. The data is collected by analytics tools and services (e.g. Google Analytics). The web analytics services price and the scope of work are determined individually for each company.

    Why website analytics is needed

    Top reasons brands and companies are doing web analytics:

    1. A large number of potential customers visit the site but leave without buying anything.
    2. Visitors view only one or two pages in a short amount of time and leave the site immediately.
    3. The costs of advertising exceed the profits it generates.
    4. It is unknown whether the recent marketing channels are effective.
    5. It is difficult to understand which marketing channels are better to distribute the budget.

    Summarizing this information, it’s better to claim that ordering web analytics services is worth it when it is important to get a solution to such issues:

    • What’s happening on the site?
    • Why is this happening?
    • How does this affect the profit of the business?
    • What to do on the site to increase profit?

    How to collect data for analysis

    After analyzing the data we see what actions we need to take to increase profits from the site. The data is collected by analytics services. The most popular of these services are Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica, and others.

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is an online platform for collecting information about a site’s audience. Using this service, the company receives data on 200+ indicators that help evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies, site content, interaction with users, etc.

    Benefits of Google web analytics services:

    • it’s free (if the site has more than 10 million page views per month, you should use the paid service Google Analytics Premium);
    • allows you to receive reports on any data and data groups that are monitored;
    • it can be integrated with the Google Ads service to collects contextual advertising data;
    • stores data on secure Google servers;
    • allows you to view information separately for free traffic channels and for paid ones.


    For Eastern European countries, we use Yandex.Metrica.It is a free service for accounting visitors of online resources, analyzing their interaction with the site, and evaluating the effectiveness of its performance. Easy installation and configuration, an intuitive interface, the ability to track specific goals made Yandex.Metrica the third most popular tool for analyzing website traffic in the world.

    External web analytics systems

    You can get data about site visitors and analyze them not only with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica tools, but also with these services:

    • Matomo (Piwik). A free web analytics tool that is installed on the server of a site’s owner. It stores the collected information in this database. 100% privacy is a feature of this web application.
    • Open Web Analytics. An open-source application for collecting analytical information on various indicators of an online resource. It has a built-in tool for creating a heatmap of website clicks.
    • Sisense. Paid software for data analysis that allows you to display several large groups of this data on interactive dashboards.
    • Statcounter. A web service for collecting information about users, tracking ad clicks in Google Ads, and informing about particular users visiting the site.

    How much does web analytics services cost?

    Depending on the type of business, its size, features of performance, and the purposes of web analytics, the cost of service from a digital analytics consultant FIVE MEDIA is calculated individually for each company. To find out the exact price, call +38 (098) 693-07-44 or write a mail to [email protected].

    How to order web analytics

    To order web analytics services for an online store, information portal, blog, landing page or other type of site, fill out an application on this page. You can also send a request for this service to [email protected] or talk to the managers of the FIVE MEDIA agency by phone +38 (098) 693-07-44.

    Popular web analytics questions from our clients

    Why do YOU need web analytics?

    Until you start analyzing your site regularly, you will lose some of the information that can be used to increase profits. For instance, it may be information about how the site works and how visitors behave on particular pages. With this information, you can optimize your marketing strategy, find the strengths and weaknesses of your online business.

    How Web Analytics Helps Business

    It is worth ordering site analytics at least because it solves three important tasks:

    • reduces financial costs for ineffective advertising channels;
    • reduces time-consuming tasks and helps to automate them;
    • helps the company make more money by giving customers what they exactly want.

    What skills should an analytical company have?

    Website analytics agencies become top-ranked only when they hire competent employees with deep knowledge and extensive experience. Such employees, first of all, have analytical thinking. A remarkable web analyst also has a knowledge of the subject area, knows how to use professional tools and services for website analysis.

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