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    Whoever turns to FIVE MEDIA to develop a marketing strategy, we always start by analyzing their sites. Often, an initial audit allows us to identify such problems that the owners did not even know about, and this drastically affects the further course of events and what marketing tools need to be used. See for yourself what customers are saying about auditing their site.

    Who needs an SEO audit?

    Companies without websites (as part of competitor analysis)

    Sites that are launched without a preliminary detailed analysis of competitors have little chances to quickly take the first positions of SERP and start attracting visitors. For companies that are just planning to develop their online business, SEO audit service helps to determine the right vector of development by analyzing the market niche and online resources of competitors.

    New sites

    When a company plans to launch a website, it is important to do everything to make the site suitable for both search engines and users. SEO audit whose cost is affordable even for small businesses helps to find problems on the site before its launch and increases the chances that search traffic will appear on the site from the first months of the site's existence.

    Large-scale projects

    Even if the site is visited by thousands, tens, or hundreds of thousands of users per day, there are ways to increase traffic. To do this, it is often enough to optimize the structure of the online resource, speed up the loading of web pages, and rewrite the texts. This is where website audit services are needed to reveal these hidden ways to improve the results that the site brings to the business.

    Sites with poor results

    Sometimes sites with good content and with no technical errors, for months or even years do not get to the first page of search results. There can be a lot of reasons for this and they can only be found if you order SEO site audit of the site with professional software and services.

    Startups with blogs

    Articles on the site help to increase website traffic, increase brand awareness, and create an image of an expert in the industry. But a blog really brings tangible benefits only if the published materials are optimized for the requirements of search engines. An SEO audit helps to assess the level of this optimization, as well as find hot topics for new publications after analyzing competitors' blogs.

    Sites that have stopped growing

    A site with a lot of traffic and top positions in Google can start losing traffic dramatically at one point. A common reason for this is the sanctions that the search engine has applied to an online resource for ``black`` methods of promoting or updating search engine algorithms. This and other reasons for a similar problem can be detected by an SEO analysis for the website. SEO audit pricing is individual for each company.

    What problems does SEO audit help to solve?

    • 1

      Malicious code and viruses

      Malicious and unwanted software on the site causes a decrease in traffic and positions in SERP, as well as decreases the level of customer confidence in the infected site. Viruses can also steal user data and send phishing emails. A technical audit helps to improve the security of the site and detect malicious code in its files.

    • 2

      Problems with indexing pages

      Incorrectly generated XML sitemap and web pages with the same content are some of the factors that make it difficult for search engines to work. You can find duplicate pages and errors in the sitemap.xml by conducting an SEO audit for a website. It also helps you find pages that appear on SERPs when they shouldn't. For example, a login page for a site’s admin panel.

    • 3

      Slow loading of pages

      Sites that load slowly don't rank high in Google search results. In addition, the low speed of loading also reduces the percentage of conversion - users may not wait for the site to load and go to competitors. An SEO site audit helps you find elements of your web pages that slow down their loading. For example, it can be an unoptimized code or "heavy" images.

    • 4

      Incorrect site structure

      When the pages of the site are not grouped into categories and are arranged chaotically, it is difficult for visitors to understand where to look for the necessary information and they leave such a site. This will also confuse search robots when crawling and indexing site pages and some of them may not be included in the search results.

    • 5

      Difficult site navigation

      Users do not like the complex structure of the menu and think about how to get to certain pages. If this happens, they will prefer to go to sites that are more comfortable and understandable. Technical SEO audit services is an easy way to detect problems with navigation on an online resource and get recommendations on how to simplify and optimize it.

    • 6

      Slow site development

      A well-conducted SEO audit helps to determine the points of growth of the site that were missed during its development. For example, if the semantic core is collected badly, the pages of the site will most likely not receive traffic for a number of requests, for which they could receive it after a simple optimization of the main site’s features.

    • 7

      Search engine sanctions

      Search engines punish sites for using "black" promotion methods by removing links to these sites from search results or pessimizing the site. If you used illegal methods of promotion or decided to "annoy" your competitors, it is better to buy SEO audit services for the site. It will show the reasons why the search engines have imposed sanctions on the online resource and suggest ways to fix this problem.

    • 8

      Unoptimized content

      The texts on the site that are copied from another online resource do not bring any benefit either to increase traffic or to increase positions in search results. Moreover, they can slow down the movement to the coveted "top 3" of Google.

    • 9

      Reduce the cost of context advertising

      An affordable way to reduce costs for contextual advertising is to optimize web pages for search queries or create new ones based on the semantic core. After conducting an audit of the site, the cost per click is easily reduced, but only after the implementation of all the recommendations and correcting errors that were identified during the audit.

    How we work

    • We analyze the structure of the site

      So that visitors can easily find the information they need on the site, and web crawlers quickly index new pages, we firstly analyze the structure of the online resource. At this stage, we check whether the XML sitemap is correctly drawn up and whether it exists at all, whether the necessary navigation elements have been added. We also analyze the nesting level of web pages and other parameters. Recommendations created after this stage can be easily implemented by a site’s owner, webmaster, or administrator immediately.

    • We carry out a technical audit

      Website technical optimization is important for its promotion no less than useful content and a good link profile. To find problems in the site's operation that prevent you from getting top positions, we conduct a technical audit of your online resource. It includes checking the speed of web pages loading, checking the rules for indexing pages, 404 errors, redirects, searching for big images, etc. Learn more about the technical audit of the site, the cost for SEO audit, and the timing of its implementation, call by number +38 (098) 693-07-44.

    • Analyzing content

      High-quality and optimized texts on the site are needed so that visitors and search robots can easily understand what is being ‘said’ on the web pages. At this stage, we determine the weak points of the content: the hierarchy of titles (H1, H2, H3, H4), the uniqueness and amount of content, the availability of lists and tables, correctness of the title, description, keywords tags. After the analysis of the content, you will receive recommendations on which texts on the site to rewrite or complete, as well as where it is needed to optimize meta tags.

    • Analyzing links

      Both internal and outbound links are important for search engine optimization. For example, Google will love your site if it does not find broken links on it, and also finds references to your web resource on other reliable sites. At this step, we deeply analyze internal and external links, give recommendations for their optimization in a correct and safe way.

    • We analyze competitors

      Companies that want to remain number one in their niche should not forget that competitors have a similar desire. To understand their strengths and weaknesses, we analyze direct and indirect competitors. This analysis gives an understanding of what a company or brand should add or fix on its website in order to keep up with business rivals, which SEO chips to use.

    • We draw up a detailed report

      When the audits and researches are done, we draw up a detailed report. It includes detailed information about errors and problems found on the site, as well as recommendations to fix them. The website SEO audit services from FIVE MEDIA give a clear recommendation roadmap which a business owner, webmaster, or site administrator can use immediately.

    Benefits of SEO audit in FIVE MEDIA

    Work experience

    Since 2006, we have been giving only proven and working recommendations to companies and brands from Europe, the USA, Ukraine, and other countries, and help make their sites better than their competitors.

    Individual approach

    In addition to providing reports with recommendations for website optimization, we can monitor the implementation of these recommendations, draw up detailed technical tasks for a programmer, write SEO texts, etc.

    We solve complex problems

    We are not afraid of difficulties so we provide website audit service even to those projects that were too tough for other digital agencies. Because our experience helps us to be the best in SEO site audits and optimizations.

    We Use The Best Software And Services

    No single checklist for SEO audit is complete without top tools: Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Netpeak Spider, SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc.

    Always in touch

    We do not disappear from customers' radars until the end of cooperation, we promptly answer questions, provide information on each stage of the audit.

    Transparent reporting

    The language of our SEO audit’s results is clear and comprehensible - you can start implementing them immediately.

    What you need to know about SEO audit

    What is SEO audit

    SEO audit is a comprehensive check of a website using more than 200 indicators to assess its potential for promotion in search engines. The result of the audit is a report on each checked indicator with recommendations for optimizing these indicators. SEO audit helps to identify weak points of the site and fix them in order to get high positions in search results.

    Advantages of SEO audit

    1. Helps to evaluate and improve the overall performance of the site.
    2. Helps to identify weak points in the promotion.
    3. Helps to detect previously implemented “black” or “gray” methods of promotion, which slow down website promotion.
    4. Helps to improve business performance after SEO analysis of competitors’ page on the network.
    5. Helps to reduce the cost of website promotion – you no longer have to build a promotion strategy on guesswork and spend money on non-working methods.

    Disadvantages of SEO audit

    1. Since the result of an SEO audit is a report with recommendations for correcting or optimizing site parameters, it will not bring any benefit if these recommendations are not implemented.
    2. SEO audit is only a component of website promotion. Applying recommendations from reports is not enough to instantly get to the top of Google results.
    3. If the site is constantly evolving, after a year or two there may be repeated problems and you will have to order the SEO audit again.

    How SEO audit differs from SEO promotion

    The task of an SEO check-up from a SEO audits services is to identify the weaknesses of the site that hinder its promotion and provide the owner of this site with clear and detailed recommendations on how to fix these problems. The task that SEO solves is to increase the visibility and traffic of the site in the search results.

    SEO audit is a component of website promotion in Google and other search engines. After following the recommendations made during its implementation, the site’s position, traffic and other metrics really grow. But an SEO audit is not a full substitute for promotion.

    How much does a website technical audit cost

    Important information that you should know if you plan to buy SEO audit – the price is calculated individually for each site. Its cost is influenced by the features of the online resource, the technologies that were used to create it, the number of pages that need to be analyzed, etc. The cost also depends on what problem the business wants to solve by ordering this service from website auditing companies, for instance, whether they plan to find the weaknesses of a long-standing site or to study the competitors deeper.

    How to order an SEO audit

    To order an SEO audit and find problems that prevent your site from success, fill out an application form on this page. Managers of the digital agency FIVE MEDIA will call you as soon as they consider the application, tell you about the terms of cooperation, the period during which the SEO audit will be carried out, prices, and other important details.
    FIVE MEDIA company works for the result, performs the work on time, helps the business grow and be successful – you will enjoy working with us.

    Popular SEO audit questions from our clients

    What is an SEO audit for?

    We recommend conducting an SEO audit for companies that have already created a website and plan to launch it soon, as well as for existing sites to find growth points for organic traffic. A detailed analysis of an online resource will help identify problems before visitors encounter them. And for companies that are just planning to develop their online business, we recommend conducting an SEO audit of competitors’ sites.
    A technical audit of a site also helps to quickly find the reason for sagging positions or a drop in traffic on already operating sites.

    How often to do an SEO audit?

    SEO audit should be done in case of a sharp drop in the site’s position on SERP or a decrease in its traffic. It is good practice to order an audit of an online resource according to a schedule, for example, every six months or every year. In this case, your site will remain in good condition and you will not have to worry that resources for promotion will be wasted due to errors on the site.

    At what stage can you conduct an SEO audit?

    SEO audit is carried out at any stage of website development. For example, before launching, it will help to detect errors and problems with promotion in the future. And for already launched and developing online stores, educational projects and info portals, it is worth ordering an SEO audit in order to find problems that affect traffic and SERP positions or to prevent such problems.

    What is worth analyzing when conducting an SEO audit of a website?

    The metrics that are analyzed when performing an SEO audit are divided into four groups:

    • Technical errors: duplicate pages, broken links, incorrectly configured xml sitemap and robots.txt file, etc.
    • Business indicators: is the online purchase mechanism operating and what steps the user needs to go through for this, etc.
    • Usability: pageview depth, bounce rate, etc.
    • SEO: behavioral factors, dynamics of growth or decline in positions and traffic, etc.

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