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    What our clients say

    Your business can’t grow when it ranks low on Google. At Five.media, we will boost its performance efficiently and quickly through Google Maps marketing and SEO tools, making sure the client has no problem finding your company.

    Who needs Google My Business Optimization?

    Small local business of any type

    A starting business needs all the attention it can get to stand out from the competition. Such services as GMB SEO will help the enterprise gain traction, attract a wider audience, and set the basis for future scaling.

    Medical services

    Location is the key point for medical facilities. The client won’t trust a company they can’t find with their health. A well-tuned GMB profile will make sure a situation like this will never happen.

    Entertainment venues

    People actively use Google to plan their weekend activities, giving preference to venues that are listed on Google Maps, rank higher, and have reviews. You can have all three with Google local listing optimization.

    How to understand you need to optimize Google My Business?

    • 1

      All your competitors are on Google Maps

      In business, you can’t afford to lag behind, especially in a competitive niche. A well-planned Google local SEO strategy will give you an edge over similar businesses in your area and provide a steady flow of customers.

    • 2

      You spend too much on advertising but see no profit

      If your recent advertising campaign gave little to no results, this may be due to mistakes or incorrect info in your GMB profile. An audit may help to find the problem and point towards the right solution.

    • 3

      Low attendance to your venue

      To have a steady flow of visitors, your business must show up in people’s search results. If it doesn’t, poor Google My Business ranking may be the reason. The info in your GMB profile may keep search algorithms from listing you correctly.

    What does the process of GMB optimization look like?

    • Audit your listing on GMB

      Every Google My Business SEO project starts from here. To understand the amount of work that needs to be done, we run a thorough analysis of the info in your GMB account (contacts, location, etc.) and check if your website is indexed.

    • Form a preparatory report

      Based on the audit, we can tell what’s missing, what needs polishing, and what to remove. Each step is backed up with comments and explanations, as well as a separate Google My Business optimization service to use. At this stage, we also contact the client for missing information and set up call tracking if needed.

    • General optimization

      Every word, every number in your GMB profile must always stay relevant; otherwise, Google might lower your business’s rank. We check if the information in the profile is up to date and make changes if necessary so that your company appears and stays in the top 10 search results for local queries.

    • Regular content updates

      Apart from Google Maps optimization, we optionally update your website with unique content to bump up its traffic. We create everything, from engaging articles, announcements, and advertising copies to photos, videos, and even links to thematic websites. Let’s get the most from those cold search algorithms!

    • Reviews management

      The client is the best and, more importantly, free advisor. That’s why we included feedback management into our list of basic Google My Business services. We reply to reviews and establish a dialog with the user, identifying potential spots for improvement and showing customers that their opinions matter.

    • Form a monthly report

      Once the GMB profile is optimized, we monitor its performance to see if there’s a way to rank higher, grow bigger, and sell better. After that, we provide a detailed analytical report with conclusions and recommendations for further optimization. If the results don’t meet our expectations, we analyze the strategy and adjust it – it’s what a professional Google My Business agency would do.

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    What you need to know about Google My Business

    What is Google local SEO?

    It’s a strategy for promoting a business online within a certain geographical region. With 4 out of 5 consumers using Google to find products/services locally, you can miss out on 80% of potential customers if you don’t add your business to Google Maps. By optimizing your company for local queries, you make it visible to the client. Local SEO is a powerful tool for small enterprises that have a physical easy-to-reach location.

    Can I add a business to Google Maps by myself?

    You can learn how to claim a business on Google or add it manually and create a basic GMB profile. But it won’t bring the results you expect unless you keep it up to date and SEO-friendly. The profile must be optimized regularly to ensure maximum attendance or customer flow.

    What do you get after optimizing GMB for your enterprise?

    Google local business listing optimization adds to your company’s online visibility, which means that it will better respond to keyword searches from potential clients/visitors, increasing attendance, calls, and website traffic. You’ll begin to receive positive feedback and with it, your business’s ranking will improve, driving more customers and boosting sales.

    Can I get a complex optimization of my business?

    In addition to Google map listing optimization, Five.media provides all sorts of internet promotion services. Our specialists will perform a complete audit of your business to define the main points that may be improved to increase customer confidence and brand awareness, as well as boost your website’s ranking if you have one.


    Should I have a website for a GMB profile?

    No, but a website may serve as an additional source of information for the customer.

    What is the price for this service?

    It depends on the type and amount of optimization to be done. The sum will differ, also, depending on the type of business, the number of competitors, the presence of a profile, etc. The average price goes between $150 and $300.

    How can I order GMB optimization services?

    Contact us via phone or by filling out our feedback form.

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