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    FIVE.MEDIA agency employs smart and courageous SEO specialists who are used to setting ambitious plans for themselves and fulfilling them 100%. The more difficult the task, the more interesting it is to work on it. Our track record includes a dozen years of experience and dozens of promoted projects: online stores, real estate agencies, dating sites, film studios, etc.

    When to consult an SEO specialist?

    For a new website

    Eliminate unnecessary costs.
    Making an SEO-friendly website from scratch is easier and cheaper than ordering SEO marketing consulting for a project that has already fallen short of the owner's expectations. You can fix the indexing errors for an already running site. However, the effort will be much more profitable if it’s used to avoid mistakes instead of correcting them.

    You need experience and knowledge

    Become more adaptable.
    Seasoned SEO consulting experts will point out mistakes and fill in the gaps in your knowledge. But specialized knowledge isn’t enough. SEO is all about understanding the patterns of the changing competitive space like online business. This is why the experience and business acumen are FIVE.MEDIA’s main assets.

    You need to study your contractors

    Check your specialists’ expertise.
    The FIVE.MEDIA website promotion and optimization consultation will show you the real level of SEO skills to expect from your contractor or staff. Leave a request if you doubt the integrity of their work and don’t want to lose opportunities for growth due to poorly qualified employees.

    Promotion budget is limited

    Pay only for results only.
    If the budget is tight and the contractor is eager to do as much as possible, go for SEO consulting and you won't have to pay for everything. In SEO consulting, the price is the money spent on reducing your expenses. Thanks to it, you’ll find out what to look for and which promotion techniques to neglect in the first place.

    You need fresh ideas

    Resume traffic growth.
    The promotion brought a traffic boost, but it has stopped or is fluctuating within the previous limits? This means your promotion team has run out of ideas that work. In such cases, an SEO consultation from a pro optimizer will adjust the marketing strategy and open new traffic growth points visible only from the outside.

    The website began losing positions

    Eliminate problems, and bring the site back to the top.
    The site began dramatically losing traffic and positions in search results, and you or your SEO specialists can’t tell why the key indicators dropped? In such situations, the sooner you start to act, the more painlessly the crisis will pass. Get advice and find out what led to the decrease in dynamics, how to stop the fall, and return to the previous indicators ASAP. It’s important.

    How do we conduct an SEO consultation?

    • 1

      You send us a link to your website and express your questions/wishes in a free form. For more specificity, you can outline the goals and the result you’re striving for right from the start.

    • 2

      We carry out a free site audit and determine the right SEO consulting pricing for you. It depends on the current state of the site, its positions in the SERPs, and the goals you set.

    • 3

      We discuss with you the time, place, and desired format of the SEO consultation. This can be a Skype conference, a telephone conversation, a meeting at our/your office, etc.

    What can you get a consultation on?

    • Promotion strategy

      For the promotion to work with 100% feedback, it needs to be configured. The more finely the strategy is tuned, the more points of growth can be found, the more dynamic the development, and the less time it will take to get the desired commercial result. The promotion strategy we develop takes into account the individual characteristics of your project. If the results of SEO optimization consulting tell that you need “a proven set of actions” – you’re being scammed. All-purpose strategies don't work. Only an individual approach does.

    • Local search strategy

      We’ll help companies targeting a specific region develop a local search strategy. It assumes a specific type of promotion with an emphasis on the regional characteristics of your business. Bringing a website to the top of search results for region-based queries is a gambling task, and its implementation brings the most tangible feedback in the form of traffic growth and conversions.

    • Website redesign

      As a professional SEO consulting company, we know how to properly redesign a website while maintaining traffic and ranking, or with a minimal and quickly fixable drawdown. You’ll learn which website elements to preserve, what to add/improve, how to properly set up the redirect map and web crawling, as well as other fundamentally important details.

    • A quality audit

      We’ll run an SEO audit of your site, help explain the errors you have, tell you how to correct them, how to determine which errors should be corrected first, and, if necessary, explain how to check the website yourself in the future. Our professional experience (we’ve been providing custom SEO optimization since 2006) allows us to identify errors and weaknesses even in apparently successful promotion campaigns suggested by third-party agencies.

    • Competition analysis

      Lagging behind your competitors or on a par with them in key indicators and want to know what they’re doing and how? Order our Google SEO consulting services, and we’ll help you understand the competitor's promotion strategy and determine their points of attracting traffic and even a budget for SEO promotion. We use paid web analytics services, open-source, and professional connections. Our trump card is the ability to isolate and interpret key info from Big Data.

    • On-page optimization

      Consultation with an SEO specialist will allow you to optimize the page metadata (title and description), analyze its content and optimization quality, determine the components to be corrected, and show where to start correcting. For example, you may need to add keywords to a particular page of content, remove keyword spam, improve the uniqueness and relevance of text, etc.

    • Link analysis and search

      A detailed analysis of your link profile will identify ineffective and harmful links. The results of the analysis will help you correctly set up a link rejection file, as well as develop an individual strategy for obtaining high-quality links and work out the correct, most effective anchor plan for your project.

    • Keyword analysis

      Search engine marketing consulting involves in-depth keyword research to determine which keywords or group of queries are more relevant for page optimization in order to collect the largest amount of targeted traffic. To do this, we analyze the characteristics of your target audience, its region, interests, devices, and everything that will help you compose the core of the most relevant keywords, taking into account the optimal ratio of frequency and competition for queries.

    • Content analysis

      To set the range of necessary SEO services, our consultants analyze the content on the website and blog pages. We check the optimization by various indicators: the uniqueness and credibility of the text, keyword insertion and density, formatting, stop words, and the semantic core. Based on the study results, we give recommendations for improving the content and compile a list of thematic traffic topics with keywords for articles from your blog/website.

    • Google Maps optimization

      By increasing your company's visibility on maps, you can indirectly boost traffic. It’s not as effective as internal site optimization, but it leads to an improvement in your site’s ranking for brand-driven queries due to making search engines “trust” it more. It’s an essential part of any successful marketing strategy.

    • Online couching

      It’s an option for those who want to grow as an entrepreneur and learn about SEO from examples of successful campaigns to optimize their own projects. Professional SEO consulting services in the private online coaching format are the best way to gain experience in doing business online. 24/7 information support from our experts will help you avoid mistakes and gain an understanding of most SEO processes.

    Why you should order SEO consulting at FIVE.MEDIA

    Comprehensive website development, extra attention to all pages and technical issues.

    We don’t follow “standard strategies” – only a full website audit, an individual approach, and a strategy based on its results.

    We value our reputation, as well as your and our time; therefore, we’re focused on success in the shortest possible time. No half measures, no fluff or fillers, and no price tag.

    What is SEO consulting?

    It’s a process of engaging a third-party specialist or an SEO consulting agency for two main purposes:

    1.  To analyze the website’s degree of SEO optimization;
    2.  To receive recommendations for promotion.

    Non-core goals of SEO consulting include: assessing the competence of full-time employees in charge of search engine optimization; analysis of competitors’ strategies; acquisition of missing knowledge in the field of SEO promotion.

    An SEO consultant only provides advice on website optimization. This means that you don’t need to give them access to manage your site.

    Types of consultations we provide

    Highly qualified staff is the main asset at FIVE.MEDIA, allowing us to provide a wide range of advice.

    Expert consulting

    Expert consulting includes the following types of consultations:

    • The choice of promotion strategy;
    • Website optimization plan creation;
    • Implementation period forecast;
    • Drawing up a balanced budget;
    • Competitive space check;
    • Other ideas for a project efficiency boost.

    You’ll get an organic SEO consultant for your website immediately after the audit we conduct upon receiving an application from you.

    Process consulting

    We analyze what has been done wrong on the customer’s website so far. Based on our experience, we can safely say: any promotion plan made without our participation has faulty or ineffective points.

    We tell whether your resource is being promoted correctly and point out its weak spots. We check the correctness of the metadata, robots.txt files, and sitemap, find the causes of problems with your firewall blocking a Google bot, indexing, etc. We make sure the changes are introduced competently.

    Training consulting

    We teach promotion to the customer or their employees – what to look for, what to do first, how to check the site for mistakes. This is the most beneficial option, as you cover the cost for SEO consulting to gain valuable knowledge that will allow you to react intelligently to constantly changing circumstances.

    The process of training consultations for your staff is mostly identical to the one we conduct for our few new employees. But for ours, we conduct training courses on a quarterly basis.

    How are SEO consulting prices formed?

    The first hour of consultation costs 200 USD, then – from 29 USD/hour. Before the consultation, we run an audit of your website to have all the necessary data in order to conduct a constructive conversation from the first minutes and operate with facts, not assumptions. Thus, the cost of the first hour includes the cost of the audit and our analytical work on preparing a report with proposals.

    How to order an SEO specialist’s consultation?

    Before submitting your application, define the purpose of the consultation and formulate the questions you want to clarify. This will reduce the time spent on setting our tasks and eliminate the need to ask you clarifying questions. We’re not interested in wasting your time; therefore, the more accurately the task is formulated, the more efficient the consultation will be.

    After determining the purpose and a list of questions, leave a request for the promotion consultation on our website. Don’t forget to include the name of your project or the link to it.


    How much does an SEO consultation cost?

    The price for an SEO consultation: the first hour – 200 USD, then – from 29 USD/hour.

    Will a consultation help to figure out what was done right and what wasn’t?

    Yes. That’s what we conduct it for. We’ll show the new points of growth and explain how to eliminate the obstacles hindering your progress.

    Can you help implement the proposals?

    Yes. We not only teach theory but bring it to life as well. We’ll explain how to implement changes in practice or do it ourselves – the choice is yours.

    Can we make a detailed list of promotion tasks?

    Yes. Working with FIVE.MEDIA, you’ll get a complete step-by-step guide to your website’s optimization and promotion.

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