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    Local search optimization and Google My Business promotion is a very popular service. At the first glance, it seems to be very easy to set up a profile and that's enough. But don't delude yourself. An experienced marketing agency like FIVE MEDIA knows about all pitfalls and difficulties you may face, so entrust it to us. Read reviews of our satisfied customers!

    Who needs local SEO the most?

    Small local business

    Small enterprises, whose audience is tied to a specific location, businesses that work in specific geographical zones (districts, cities), companies whose potential customers use geo-dependent queries. Local SEO solutions can bring quick results with minimal financial and time costs, and targeting local audiences becomes a competitive advantage.


    Local SEO services allow online stores to become more visible and get more high-quality leads, saving on shipping, and their potential customers can easily and quickly find a physical store, showroom or warehouse, customer support service, etc.

    Medical and veterinary services

    When someone’s looking for a doctor, clinic, or pharmacy, they always focus on the “near me” search results in order to get there as quickly and conveniently as possible. Local SEO brings new opportunities for healthcare businesses: publishing valuable content on platforms or blogs draws customers’ attention, increases brand awareness and credibility, improves search rankings, etc.

    Entertainment venues

    Cinemas, clubs, bars, and other entertainment venues benefit from local search engine optimization most as they serve a geographically targeted market.
    Effective campaigns developed by a local SEO company allows you to get more exposure than your market rivals have and potentially generate more feedback from local customers.

    Maintenance professionals

    Local SEO becomes the primary tool for attracting customers for HVAC firms, locksmiths, and cleaning companies. When it comes to such businesses, the most crucial thing is to provide potential customers with the opportunity to easily find you so that you can quickly solve their problems.


    Local internet marketing services helps startups achieve their most important business goals, namely: establish brand awareness and popularity; boost customer loyalty; increase the number of leads by expanding a narrow customer base.

    Main problems that local SEO services solve

    • 1

      Online visibility

      Just imagine: 97% of people that are your potential customers and search for the businesses nearby, more than 90% of them will check only the 1st search results page. A good local search marketing company can help you to get higher rankings and increase the visibility of your business (both in local maps and organic search results).

    • 2

      Lack of organic traffic

      You should never ignore Google Maps as a prospective traffic source. The efforts that you put into getting into the Google Local Pack will also help improve your local rankings. In addition, by showing highly relevant local results that are based on proximity and intent, local SEO helps you to weed out those customers who are not really going to contact you.

    • 3

      Severe competition between local businesses

      Companies that offer professional SEO services to local businesses really can help them bypass the competition, and to enter a market with less competition and better brand differentiation. Today, less than half of modern businesses are using local SEO services. Think of such a great opportunity to excel and show up in local search, specific business directories, maps, and SM.

    • 4

      Attracting sales from local visitors

      Professional local search marketing services can help you boost traffic, increase leads, and generate more sales from “locals”. WordStream claims that 72% of visitors from local search tend to contact businesses within 5 miles. It turns out that they have already made their decision when typing in their search query, and you just need to show yourself up in the local search results!

    • 5

      Giving the most demanded information

      Such information as opening hours, address, telephone, location map, prices, list of services, is extremely important for your customers. You can add this data in local online business directories (such as Yelp, Foursquare, Citysearch, etc.) and show up on the very first page of local search results, and one of two potential customers will definitely turn into a buyer.

    • 6

      Building connection and reputation

      Marketers claim that positive reviews increase the likelihood that 91% of consumers will contact a particular company. Authentic, honest customer reviews help to demonstrate the high quality of your services and “tell” search engines that your website is a trustworthy and helpful web resource. It improves your image, increases trust, and helps to improve your SEO rank even higher.

    How do we work?

    • Conduct deep competitors research

      The specialists of our local SEO agency start by identifying your competitors, analyzing their strategy, and citation level (presence in the specific online business directories). This helps you to identify successful steps for similar businesses without reinventing the wheel and integrate the most successful strategies into your project based on its unique characteristics. A detailed competition analysis gives a powerful insight into the market, allowing us to test the most promising ideas & succeed fast.

    • Provide citation audit and citation building

      At this stage, we audit the citation of your business in the necessary directories: Yelp, Tripadvisor, Manta, Local.Yahoo, as well as other sources that are important specifically for the industry of your business. Then, we register your company in the required catalogs (citation building). If necessary, we update the existing company info in the current catalogs. Thus, we increase the visibility of your business, boost local SEO, discover more customer touchpoints, and use effective sources of mentions and backlinks to the fullest.

    • Prepare informative photos and videos about business

      Now, it's time to add some thematic photos of your business and your achievements with up-to-date EXIF data to your GMB account: address, keywords, name of your company, etc. According to a study by Socialmediatoday, 88% of marketing gurus use visuals in more than half of the articles they publish, while 56% of them use visuals always and everywhere.

    • On-page and outer local SEO

      At this stage, we carry out all the necessary work on internal and external SEO: semantic content optimization, setting up schema.org (semantic markup), text optimization, checking for technical errors, missed meta tags, etc. Then, we purchase local links (local link building is an efficient way to get a higher rank in search). This step helps to achieve better search engine rankings and boost traffic to your website.

    • Google My Business setting and optimization

      Now, we proceed to setting up your GMB account, Google maps, update the current information, indicate the current site categories in the GMB account, etc. Thus, your business gets a significant advantage in local SEO, additional traffic to the site, extra contacts with the target audience, while your brand awareness grows.

    • Encourage writing reviews

      Here, we conduct a number of incentive activities aimed at motivating customers to leave reviews, and we implement this practice in our regular promotion strategy (for example, we add the necessary information to the website, or make reminders on social networks). Remember that reviews help you rise above your competitors, improve CTR (Click-Through-Rate), and make users more loyal to your brand.

    • Tracking and monitoring

      Finally, we track the effectiveness of local SEO promotion, update the information, monitor the reactions of your competitors, reviews, etc. Tracking is a critical step that shows you which strategies work best. We do not focus only on increasing the amount of traffic since the most important thing is how many leads (conversions) you get — and where do they come from!

    Benefits of ordering local SEO service in FIVE MEDIA


    14+ years of work in Internet promotion allow us to guarantee to achieve perfect local SEO promotion results for any of the existing businesses.

    Only individual solutions

    Your business is unique, and therefore we offer only individual solutions in the field of local search engine marketing services to achieve a brilliant result.

    Ready for challenges

    We love to face challenges — from getting unique authentic online reviews to creating a local SEO strategy for unusual types of businesses.

    Work with any type of company

    We build unique long-lasting local ranking strategies for both small cafes and large auto repair shops.


    We focus on providing precise, exhaustive and easy-to-understand SEO reporting and are always happy to answer any questions.

    Your control

    At any time, you can track the effectiveness of our work using the detailed reports that allow you to check the traffic statistics and other important data.

    Everything you need to know about local SEO

    What is local SEO?

    Local SEO is a set of works aimed at attracting traffic and customers to local businesses — both companies and individual entrepreneurs that work in a local market (specific region, city, district, street, etc.).

    Finding the best local SEO company, which will manage to correctly implement the developed promotion strategy will help small companies to easily and quickly bypass larger competitors without spending huge budgets.

    Why is local SEO important for business?

    Brightlocal, Searchengineland, Hubspot, Internetlivestats agree that:

    • more than 90% of people look for local services that are displayed on google maps;
    • 50% of searches made from mobiles are aimed at local businesses;
    • 50% of people performing local searches from mobiles had visited stores within one day.

    These numbers are encouraging, aren’t they?

    Adapt yourself to the customer needs, make your business as visible as possible, easy, and convenient for local search today — and successfully reach your business goals tomorrow!

    Local SEO advantages

    • creating user-friendly websites (which, in turn, increase the conversion rate, decrease the bounce rate, etc.);
    • attracting more quality traffic from search engines (customers who are ready to make an order);
    • increasing brand awareness and building trust (by increasing the site’s position in search results);
    • standing out from a crowd of competitors with the same goods/services and prices;
    • achieving fast (from 2 weeks) and amazing (250 – 400 local visitors per day) results;
    • enjoying affordable local SEO pricing!

    What are the main directories for local SEO?

    Millions of people are regularly visiting multiple local online business directories. The main task is to choose the most suitable platforms, sign in, add information about your business and a link to your website:

    • Yelp is a very important service in the USA with 100 million+ audience, suitable for almost all local businesses;
    • Tripadvisor shows local restaurants, bars, coffee shops, bakeries, day spas, hotels, travel agencies;
    • Yellowpages — accounting, advertising, architectural, agricultural, attorneys, auto repair, banks, insurance services;
    • Findlaw — search for attorneys in the USA;
    • Healthgrades — search for doctors in the United States;
    • HomeAdvisor — a catalog of plumbers, furniture makers in the English-speaking segment;
    • Dexknows.com — beauty services catalog;
    • Zillow — directory of real estate services.


    What is local SEO pricing?

    An SEO pricing analysis conducted by Moz shows that most agencies charge a $1,500-$5,000 monthly fees.

    Different businesses need different solutions (various local SEO packages): for example, one customer needs to set up SEO from scratch, and the other one needs only to get the existing developments optimized.

    We set the cost of local SEO services individually, depending on the required amount of work needed to be done to achieve the best result. Therefore, we can offer truly affordable local SEO services in the market.

    Contact our local SEO consultant to find out the cost of your project!

    Can I perform local search optimization by myself?

    There is nothing that we could not do when we really want it. But keep in mind that as a beginner you are lacking in-depth knowledge, experience and high-quality diagnostic SEO tools.

    Lack of time is another factor you should be concerned about; you still have a business to focus on. Think of it: why would you need an SEO strategy if your business will die out in a couple of months without your attention?!

    Therefore, you should entrust this business only to experienced professionals who will find a comprehensive solution to a problem.

    When do I need to apply local SEO?

    Since local SEO is an extremely effective way to stay ahead of the competition, and local SEO services pricing is quite affordable, any young business should start developing a local SEO strategy as soon as possible.

    In general, local optimization is quite important at any stage of the company’s life cycle!

    How much time does local SEO service take?

    According to the experts, you can take first place on local queries in Google in 1-2 months. After that, the work can take from 1-2 months to a year or even more (it all depends on the specific promotion scenario for each specific site).

    In general, local SEO is a long-term and complex process that requires regular monitoring of results and changes and the implementation of new solutions to achieve the perfect result that your business aspires to.

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