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    Social media isn't just about pictures and videos that your friends share. It is a powerful tool for building communication with potential and existing clients. Those of our clients who initially doubted about this marketing channel radically changed their opinion for the better. The genuine joy of business owners after a real increase in conversions due to SMM is what we work for!

    Why you need SMM services for business

    To increase growth in sales from social networks

    Selling posts on Facebook and Instagram, as well as fine-tuned targeted ads, are a working method to increase sales for a particular product. The business receives the first results in the very first days after ordering the SMM from a social media optimization company. At the same time, the cost of the product does not matter - you can sell anything and at any price through social networks.

    To form a loyal customer base

    When a business regularly publishes useful content on social networks, organizes promos and contests, instantly responds to comments and messages, subscribers develop a positive attitude towards this company. The likelihood that they will buy a product or service of this company is growing.

    To get feedbacks fast

    YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram apps are among the ten most installed in the world. When a company replies to a message or a comment left by a user on its social media page, the notification is immediately displayed on the smartphone. Getting feedback quickly is an advantage of social media communication for both businesses and consumers.

    To achieve a high conversion of ads

    The flexibility of settings for targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube allows showing ads only to the target group of users. This guarantees a high conversion rate for this method of getting leads and customers. Analytics tools allow you to use the collected information to adjust advertising campaigns and gradually increase the conversions.

    To attract the target audience

    By investing relatively little money in social media marketing optimization services, the company gets a serious channel for delivering the necessary information to a great number of users. Considering that men and women of all ages and with different interests spend time on social networks, any kind of company can find social media optimization marketing really beneficial.

    To increase brand awareness

    Branded content which is created in a consistent style and contains original and easy-to-remember elements helps a business to quickly attract the attention of users who have seen these elements before. A respectful and appropriate style of communication on social media is another way to enhance your company's image and make it recognizable.

    Factors affecting social media marketing services pricing

    • 1

      Application of advertising

      Targeted advertising is an important component of social media marketing. The pricing depends on various factors, for example, your main goal (video views, clicks, installs or impressions), competition, geography, audience size, etc. So that the amount spent on the target does not become an unpleasant surprise for the business owner, a daily budget limit is should be set in the office of an account.

    • 2

      Contests and promos

      Contests in social networks help to quickly increase the involvement of existing users and attract new subscribers, raise their brand loyalty, and expand coverage. Сosts of promotions depend on a number of factors and usually change with each new competition. An example of such a factor is the giveaway carried out in collaboration with another brand.

    • 3

      Photo and video content

      Vivid photographs, eye-catching graphics, and informative videos are essential to implement a profitable SMM strategy. When calculating social media marketing services pricing, the costs of shooting videos and photos, their editing and processing, creating graphics, as well as the cost of royalties to the models and actors should be taken into account.

    Methods used by our social media marketing specialists

    • We perform analysis and develop a strategy

      We start SMM promotion on Instagram or Facebook with an analysis of the target audience of the brand, niche, and competitors. When the necessary information is collected, we define goals and objectives, plan a budget, and develop a strategy.

    • Create accounts on social networks

      For a business that was not engaged in SMM, we create accounts and set them up. If the company has pages on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, we check the settings and design, make the necessary changes.

    • Set up and launch targeted advertising

      In order for the business to make a profit in the very first days after the start of SMM, we launch targeted advertising. Note that although social media promotion price without launching paid advertising is lower, its effectiveness also decreases.

    • We create unique content

      Posts on social media pages should attract attention, be useful, and informative. For this, our social media marketing strategist creates photo and video content, writes texts optimized for specific social networks.

    • We work effectively with the audience

      We use techniques that encourage subscribers to actively interact with the company through social media pages: we launch promotions and contests, polls, etc. At the same time, we respond to comments and messages sent by users.

    • We perform analysis, draw up reports

      When the steady growth of sales starts and the number of subscribers grows, we analyze and adjust the strategy to increase these indicators. At this step, we also create reports on the results of the company's promotion in social networks.

    Benefits of social media marketing proposals from FIVE MEDIA

    Services from A to Z

    We take care of all stages of promotion in social networks: from developing a strategy to writing juicy texts for advertisements.

    Work experience

    We have been bringing new clients and increasing the recognition of American and European companies through social media since 2006.

    A team of professionals

    Social media agency services provided by FIVE MEDIA are ensured by certificates confirming our knowledge and skills, as well as experience in promoting brands in social networks.

    Additional services

    We photograph, shoot, and edit videos that are optimized for different social media and maintain accounts in English and some other languages.

    Customized solutions

    We deeply analyze the business that we promote in social networks, and develop a personal strategy with an extraordinary approach to solving problems.

    Control of efficiency

    We draw up a detailed and clear report on each stage of the SMM strategy implementation, give information on content and advertising costs.

    What you need to know about SMM

    What does SMM mean?

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a digital marketing channel that uses social media to promote a brand, grow a target audience, increase sales, and website traffic. Each of the social networks has its own audience, so in some of them, business promotion may yield more noticeable results, and in some less noticeable.

    Why is SMM important for business?

    Every business should use social media marketing agency services as one of the main promotional channels for at least five reasons:

      1. Your clients are definitely on social networks. Determining which one of them is one of the tasks that we solve.
      2. SMM increases brand awareness. When a company shares valuable content on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, users are easily converted from page guests to subscribers.
      3. SMM increases sales. A well-done advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram, as well as a well-thought-out content plan, bring great results in the form of new customers. You can find out our social media marketing agency cost by calling +38 (098) 693-07-44.
      4. SMM increases website traffic. When links to the commercial site are added to posts on a business’s social media pages, subscribers become site visitors.
      5. SMM increases the effectiveness of other digital marketing channels. For example, social media is often used for retargeting when launching contextual advertising.

    Benefits of social media advertising

    Costs for paid promotion within social media network marketing is determined individually, Advertising is usually used by young brands in their early years as the main channel for making a profit. The explanation for this is wide coverage of the target audience that can be interested in a new product or service. In addition, you can launch a target even if the business does not yet have a website.

    Another advantage of advertising on Facebook and Instagram is the ability to offer specific products to a particular target audience. For example, if a company sells both female and male bags, separate ad campaigns are created to target men and separate campaigns to target women.

    You use SMM, but do you see the result?

    Promotion in social media gives results only if it is handled by a qualified social media marketing strategist like FIVE MEDIA, which has certified specialists with experience in this field. SMM is actions that are performed in a strict sequence and according to a well-built strategy. If the creation and publication of content on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as the setup and launch of targeted advertising, is done by an employee who has not been trained in SMM and has no experience with this marketing channel, the result will most likely be zero.

    Targeted advertising

    Targeted advertising is a type of advertising in text, image or video format to be displayed on social media. It is shown only to users who meet the special characteristics that were chosen in the phase of customization. Examples of such characteristics are age, gender, location. This makes targeted advertising especially effective – users of social networks see only ads that can interest them.

    Who benefits from SMM promotion

    Website promotion on social media helps to increase sales and increase awareness of companies of any type. For example the most common examples of companies who order social media agency services in the world are:

        • hotel business and restaurants;
        • online stores;
        • travel agencies;
        • photographers;
        • medical centers;
        • local manufacturers;
        • law firms;
        • clothing stores.

    The best social networks to promote

        • Facebook is a social network whose payable audience made it the # 1 option for attracting new customers. The ability to show ads for a product only to users interested in buying it is the main advantage that paid promotion on Facebook provides. Prices for this service, by the way, are acceptable even for small businesses.
        • Instagram is a social network, 90% of users of which are subscribed to at least one brand or a business account. For a business whose target audience is women and men, aged 18-34, using Instagram for promotion is a necessity, not just a recommendation. If you are searching for a social media marketing agency and pricing is crucial for you, call us at +38 (098) 693-07-44 to know the details.
        • YouTube is a hybrid of video hosting and social network, which is used for promotion by all global brands. The popularity of YouTube in business exists due to the wide audience of the site – children, adults, men, and women watch videos. Another reason for the popularity of YouTube is the opportunity to demonstrate the product from all sides, share tips, teach viewers something new about the product, etc.

    Popular SEO questions from our clients

    What is SMM for?

    Social media promotion helps brands and companies to increase business awareness and customer loyalty, increase sales and website traffic. SMM also makes promotion in other digital marketing channels more effective and often reduces costs for them.

    How much does SMM cost?

    The price of promotion on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is calculated individually. The main factor that determines social media management agency cost for a particular company is the goal that it plans to achieve using this channel, as well as the amount of work that needs to be done to achieve this goal.

    Why it is worth ordering an SMM promotion?

    Social media promotion is a powerful digital marketing tool that every business should use to:

          • encourage the interest in the product among potential customers ;
          • focus customers’ attention, make the brand more recognizable online;
          • increase the company’s profit by offering the product to an interested audience.

    Do I need a paid advertising on social networks?

    Targeted advertising is an important ingredient in SMM services. It raises the prices for promotion provided by an SMM company, but if you exclude it from the strategy for promoting your business in social media, the effectiveness of this strategy will decrease. The value of targeted advertising is in the profit that it brings and in helping to find the target audience of the brand.

    How to evaluate the effectiveness of SMM promotion?

    At the beginning of SMM promotion, metrics are selected for business goals. For example, if the goal is to improve brand reputation, campaign performance is measured by the number of likes, shares, and comments. If the goal of the business is to attract new customers, you can call SMM promotion effective in case it gives a lot of clicks to the site and helps achieve high conversions.

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