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    One of the most challenging tasks for marketers is convincing potential customers that text, videos, and even images are powerful online promotion tools. It sounds fantastic, but a well-written content plan based on deep audit and trend analysis can attract hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of visitors to your online resource. Our clients who are already convinced of this will tell you their success stories.

    What tasks does content marketing solve?

    Traffic attraction

    The creation and publication of unique SEO-optimized content allow you to reach the top of the search results, which leads to an increase in website traffic and trust among new users.

    Target audience attraction

    The keyword is ‘target.’ Writing copies using search queries attracts traffic from genuinely interested people and not random visitors who will leave the website in a couple of seconds.

    Awareness boost

    Interesting, useful, and original articles are shared online and build brand awareness. The more attention is paid to your name, the more authoritative your opinion becomes.

    Expertise building

    Analytical reviews, articles in the corporate blog, the use of appropriate terminology – all this shows that competent specialists work here. Dispel doubts about your expertise – and the client will not go looking for an alternative from competitors.

    Loyalty building

    Loyalty building
    People love to be appreciated and spared from doing some of the work. Top of the line in content marketing is to anticipate and answer the customer's next question before they ask it. This creates an emotional response, which, at times, is more important than anything else.

    Sales growth

    The intelligible wording of the key theses, no fluff, informativeness, and preventive manner of presenting the content – all this removes the website visitor’s doubts, convincing them to take the targeted action and abandon further searches and second thoughts.

    Who needs content marketing?

    • 1

      Companies entering a foreign market

      Adaptation of content to the requirements and specifics of a foreign-language client audience accelerates the integration and promotion of a product in a new market. It is faster and cheaper with a content plan than without it.

    • 2

      Service websites

      Thoughtful content helps satisfy visitors' interest and builds more trust. So the person will understand that your project is not a fly-by-night company but a business with experience, a client base, and a good reputation.

    • 3

      Corporate Websites

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    • 4

      Companies Launching A New Product

      For startups, as well as news portals, content strategy is an essential marketing element. The future of the entire business project depends on how good its copies are at selling products.

    • 5

      Information portals

      Content is information in its purest form. No popular information platform can do without content marketing agency services.

    • 6

      Online stores

      Stores with unique product descriptions rank high in search results, and the audience remembers them better than websites filled with plain copy-paste descriptions from open sources.

    What content marketing services do we provide at FIVE.MEDIA?

    • We carry out a full content analysis

      It is the basic SEO content marketing service. At this stage, we study the material published on the website, compare it with the quantity and quality of the content the main competitors provide. Our goal now is to find out what your content is lacking to skyrocket your traffic. The results will show you what can be changed to increase your business value. To make the analysis complete, we take into account all directly and indirectly influencing factors, from SEO-optimized texts to behavioral data (duration of user interaction with the page, percentage of exits, etc.).

    • We make a plan

      We determine the amount of work to be done to create content for pages with services or products. We select the most thematic and traffic-driving article topics for the blog and website sections. We present all our specialists’ ideas and suggestions with arguments and figures, then agree and approve them. In content marketing, prices depend on the results of content analysis. Once it is complete, our content marketing specialist will be able to tell how much the plan will cost for your website at FIVE.MEDIA.

    • We create a technical requirement

      Based on the research and agreeing on a plan of tasks with you, we create a technical requirement for creatives, copywriters, and designers. The implementation of the entire strategy depends on the quality of the TR. Its creation is a complex process requiring a high level of expertise of the specialist. Whereas a full analysis of the content shows what can be changed and improved, this stage focuses on how to do it (from a technical point of view): what keywords to use in copies, how many times to inset them, in what places, etc.

    • We create content

      As part of our content strategy services, we write copies and create videos, photos, and infographics – everything that matches the interests and attracts the target audience. This is where the most creative and therefore the most hard-to-control part of the process begins. That’s why employees with ‘harnessed talent’ are so highly regarded. We employ creatives who know how to create interesting content for people, without going beyond the strict framework of a technical requirement, the whole point of which is in observing machine algorithms.

    • We post content on the website

      Our content marketing team typesets and posts articles, runs a blog, and adds product and/or service descriptions. We saturate the texts with cross-references, highlight key places with different fonts, and stick to the optimal parameters of ‘airiness’ and readability (this includes indents between lines and paragraphs, visual impression of the content).

    • We set goals for external content marketing

      FIVE.MEDIA agency will not only put your website content in order. We also involve external resources to promote our clients' brands. The ultimate goal is always the same – the growth of traffic, and, accordingly, sales. There may be different accents in the ways of achieving it. We can concentrate on either one of the points: popularizing your product, creating a positive reputation, gaining customers through referral programs, attracting external traffic, or evenly distribute efforts among all of the above. We determine the most appropriate way of promotion for you, based on the results of the analysis and the general strategy.

    • We define the target audience

      Based on the theme of your business, we make the client’s portrait and a map of their needs. This data allows you to direct the action of the advertising campaign in the most promising direction – towards interested consumers. Fine tuning and focusing on a specific type of client keep the cost of content marketing down for you. You can order several different campaigns for the website at once, aimed at different target audiences (benefits online stores with a large assortment and different target audiences).

    • We look for the highest target audience concentration

      To notably boost the efficiency of resources invested in the content marketing campaign, we determine your customers’ favorite websites and target them aimingly. To do this, we take into account the distribution of users across search engines, thematic resources, social media groups, subscriptions to newsletters, online and offline events, YouTube channels, all kinds of public pages, and other information available publicly.

    • We pick channels for sharing content

      A certain segment of users tends to trust email newsletters, while another responds more often to posts on Telegram, and some only trust publications in credible analytical and news resources. We determine how you can reach out to your potential customers so as not to waste your marketing budget.

    • We assess user reaction

      ‘It got better’ is not what we are striving for. Any result is measured in quantitative terms: how much sales, traffic, and pageviews have grown, how much the percentage of abandoned carts has decreased, etc. If the improvements are not sufficient, we re-analyze the work done and adjust the strategy. When hiring a content marketing agency, the costs usually do not include post-campaign troubleshooting. But if you order services at FIVE.MEDIA, you will not need to pay for debugging an already launched campaign. We do this throughout the entire project and never charge additional fees.

    The benefits of booking content marketing services at FIVE.MEDIA

    Full immersion in the topic

    Whatever you do – from steel rolling technologies to the IT-sphere or Neoplatonic philosophy – we will write meaningfully, interestingly, and to the point.

    Involvement of highly specialized assets

    Our employees are educated, with an IQ of 130 or more (a prerequisite for hiring), and regularly participate in conferences on internet marketing and SEO.

    Full range of content: text, photos, videos, graphics

    We create unique content of any type. We do not work with copyright exchanges, only our trusted specialists: writers, photographers, cameramen, designers.

    Extensive work experience + focus on results

    On the market since 2006. Our arguments are better than ‘improved sales’ – we provide real numbers and facts showing growth.

    Personal approach

    We create a unique strategy with fine debugging. No ‘recipes’ prepared in advance – only calculation and analytics for each particular case.

    Progress report

    We are ready to answer questions and provide reports on the results and further plans for promotion at any stage.

    What you need to know about content marketing

    What is content marketing?

    Content marketing is a set of measures to promote business projects through the creation of unique content. It leads to an increase in the informational value of the website, an influx of traffic, and sales boost. The method of content promotion also includes posting content on third-party resources to popularize your brand, increase its recognition, and build a positive reputation. And what is a content marketing agency in all this? It is a team of specialists who does all the above-mentioned work for you.

    The pros of content marketing

    • Loyalty: by publishing interesting and useful content on the website, you give people what they are looking for.
    • Traffic attraction: the more useful an article is, the higher it is in the search results and the more people will visit your website.
    • Sales growth: a responsible approach to content builds trust among potential customers, removes doubts, and directs the client through the sales funnel.
    • Reputation building: with expert articles, you increase your brand awareness, popularity, and influence.

    Types of content

    Content is all the information on the website that the user sees. Content is divided into types according to its form and style.


    • Text: articles, reviews, news, advertising product/service descriptions;
    • Video: clips, interviews, vlogs, presentations, viral ad videos;
    • Audio: corporate jingles, podcasts, social media picks, scales for adverts;
    • Graphic: photos, catchy pictures, memes, GIFs, banners, logos, infographics.


    • Advertising: presentations and copies, designed to persuade the reader to take the targeted action (purchase, registration, etc.);
    • Informative:> useful content that satisfies the client’s need for information; often for reference, analytical, or news purposes;
    • Entertaining: interesting content on abstract topics, funny videos, pictures, memes. Can be used for native (indirect, hidden) advertising.

    Typically, agencies provide content marketing services in packages, allowing you to pick the media you need most and skip the less effective ones.

    What kind of content do we create?

    The kind that works fits your business only and your specific case.

    For the landing page

    The purpose of such content is to hit the target from the first lines without any rollout. The landing page should grab the reader’s attention and not let them leave the page, so for lending pages, we write the text that’s as clear as possible and cut off the potential buyer’s doubts. With a few short paragraphs, we prove the benefits of the purchase and nudge the client towards the needed action.

    For the blog

    The content to create expertise and build a positive reputation among readers. Each specific article for your blog is written by a copywriter competent only in this (and not any other) topic. We do not have universal authors for every occasion. So, an article about building materials will go to the author, who specializes in the industry, a copy about a new drug for the common cold will go to a specialist, who collaborates with pharmaceutical companies, etc. If we do not have an author for your topic, we will find one.

    For external resources

    This includes negotiating to publish articles on partner sites. We develop a strategy and a publication plan, draw up technical requirements, and write useful, relevant articles tailored for collecting traffic for search queries. We form a network of expert opinions that regularly link to your project. As a result, people remember the brand name and distinguish your company from similar ones.

    How to order content marketing services?

    To book our content marketing services for business (Europe, USA, Vatican – your location does not matter), leave a request on the website. We speak the client’s language, and we are used to answering questions, not asking them.
    Leave a request on the website – and after 10 days, you will do anything possible not to let your competitors find out about us.

    How much does content marketing cost?

    When working with a content marketing agency, the pricing depends on the complexity and scale of the project, the goals set, the type of content required, and the effort put in its creation. We never keep the pricing on content marketing services in secret provide it right after analyzing the website.

    Popular content marketing questions from our clients

    How does content marketing work?

    Three simple axioms:

      1. The uniqueness of texts improves the ranking in the search results.
      2. The quality of the website content directly affects the likelihood of performing the targeted action.
      3. The better the content, the more popular your website becomes, the higher the conversion, and the more profit it brings.

    What opportunities does content marketing offer?

        • Traffic boost
        • Formation of a regular customer base
        • Your brand promotion
        • Sales growth
        • Optimization and cost reduction for unnecessary advertising

    How does content marketing affect SEO promotion?

    Filling the site with unique copies written according to the technical requirements increases your position in the search results. Posting of articles on external resources promotes brand recognition and forms a network of channels around your project that drive additional traffic. Blogging also attracts new audiences, some of which become permanent and enter your customer base.

    How to tell that content marketing works?

    With all the differences in business projects, there are three objective indicators in world practice that help you recognize an effective SEO content marketing company. We are talking about such indicators as the growth of brand awareness, the dynamics of traffic to the website, and the increase in sales. If these indicators are growing, then you have chosen FIVE.MEDIA and move in the right direction.

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