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    The goals of competitor analysis can be very diverse. Often, our customers are looking for new ways of website development, want to study the keywords by which competitors are ranked, want to understand the expediency of certain changes on their own resource. In most cases, competitive analysis is an important part of developing a comprehensive online promotion strategy, but sometimes this service is ordered separately.

    Why you need competitor analysis services

    Identification of the main competitors

    For a business that recently offers its product online or is just planning to do so, it is important to understand which companies will have to fight with for the attention of customers. Competitor research services help to determine which brands or companies are direct rivals and who are the leaders of the niche in which you have intentions to work.

    Study of competitors' sites

    You can shorten the period between the start of website promotion and the moment it hits the top of search results if you know how competitors are promoting their online resources. After understanding why Google gave them the first lines on SERP, you can use this information to oust these competitors from the top positions.

    Creation of a site optimization plan

    An SEO strategy brings results only if it is created individually, taking into account the specifics of the business and a market segment. And it often takes a lot of time to develop such a strategy. Companies that have ordered competitor analysis services have information about which promotion methods work for these competitors, and can use this information to create their strategy.

    Improving work efficiency

    Many companies that self-promote their website take years to create a working SEO strategy. They make a lot of mistakes, then spend time to eliminate the aftermath and adjust the online resource promotion plan. SEO competitive intelligence services help to find mistakes that he makes in the promotion and take them into account when developing your own SEO strategy.

    Saving resources

    If you can be sure that certain tactics of website promotion will not bring any results, you can save time and money by not implementing them into your SEO strategy. Competitive intelligence for SEO helps to detect such non-working ideas and rationally spend the budget on website promotion.

    Increasing traffic and sales

    Search engines will start giving an online resource the top lines, and visitors will begin to perform targeted actions if the site will match the requirements of both of them. It is easier to achieve such a goal when you understand how significant it is for the target audience in a specific segment. You can come to this understanding by ordering an e-commerce competitor analysis.

    Who benefits from the competitor SEO analysis?

    • 1

      New sites and companies

      When a business is just starting development on the Internet, it is easy to make mistakes in the promotion and go down the wrong path. The consequences of these mistakes are wasted money and time. Analyzing competitor’s sites helps create an effective SEO strategy that contains only working techniques of online business rivals.

    • 2

      Growing companies

      Companies that lead in a certain market have succeeded because they have invested a lot of resources in development and brought each business process to the ideal. If you are not as popular as your competitors, you can fix this by incorporating elements of competitor promotion into your SEO strategy. Competitor website traffic analysis helps to detect such elements.

    • 3

      Sites with poor results

      If neither the traffic to your site, nor sales are growing, and the resulting profit does not allow the company to develop normally, it is possible that mistakes were made when drawing up a promotion strategy. An audit of your own site helps to detect them. And SEO analysis of competitors will tell you what other winning tactics to use to increase conversion and additional KPI’s.

    How we work?

    • Putting together a list of competitors

      In the online business, competitors are usually called sites seeking to take the first lines of search results for the same keywords as you. To find them and analyze the traffic of a competitor's website, we use professional software and services that speed up and automate the process. At this step, we take into account the search engine in which the client plans to promote the site, region, and a number of other parameters. This helps you identify competitors and complete the next analysis steps accurately and quickly.

    • Analyzing traffic

      The list of competitors is collected and then we determine what traffic indicators they have, from which sources their visitors come to them: from search results, social networks, email newsletters, contextual advertising, etc. This data is further used to determine the channels that can lead many visitors to your site, but which you do not develop.

    • Analyzing technical issues

      One of the important parameters that we determine when analyzing rivals’ sites is the authority of their domains. This value shows the "strength" of the domain - the higher the indicator, the easier it is for a site to get top positions in search results. At the stage of competitive link analysis, we also determine other important information. For example, we analyze page indexing and link mass. This data helps the company to build a high-quality link profile and understand whether to increase the number of pages on the site.

    • Evaluating site’s usability

      When a resource is inconvenient to use and a visitor has to think for a long time, how, for example, to put a product in the basket or where to see the prices for services, it is highly likely that this visitor will not stay on the site for a long time. At this step, we analyze the usability indicators of competitors and determine which elements boost conversion, increase the depth of page views or the time spent on the site. An example is a correctly composed page linking.

    • Semantic core forming

      Even if the semantic core of the site is perfectly composed and includes hundreds of high-, medium- and low-frequency keywords, it is possible that some queries are still missed. It is possible that competitors receive traffic from them. To determine these queries, we analyze the keywords of competitors that bring the most visitors to their sites. The information obtained is also used to determine highly competitive requests, which are expensive and time-consuming to promote the site.

    • Analyzing the structure and pages of sites

      A good site structure increases the time users spend on it, the depth of page views and conversion rates. It also affects the speed of site indexing and increasing the efficiency of promotion due to the correct distribution of key phrases across the pages. By analyzing the structure of competitors' sites, we determine its strengths, which improve user experience and increase conversion. Based on this information, we give recommendations for finalizing and optimizing the structure of your online resource.

    • Competitors’ content research

      Texts, images, and videos are the main content of sites, by optimizing which, you can increase positions in SERP and boost traffic, increase conversions, company awareness, and authority. To be outstanding, it is important that the content on your site is better, more understandable, and more voluminous than your competitors have. At this stage of the analysis, we determine which content on the site of business rivals gets high positions in a large number of requests, we investigate the structure and design of this content, meta tags, etc.

    • Writing a report

      When all the information from a competitive intelligence SEO is collected, we create a detailed report and give it to the business owner or the employee responsible for the promotion. In this report, we describe each analyzed item in a simple and understandable way. It also includes detail recommendations for improvements that will help you outperform competitors. You can start implementing them immediately. If after receiving the report, the business has questions, we give detailed answers.

    FIVE MEDIA benefits

    Great experience

    We have been helping companies from the United States and Europe to outflank competitors since 2006. We work with B2B, B2C, E-commerce projects.

    Customized solutions

    We do not work according to templates and provide SEO competition analysis services, taking into account the particularities of the market.

    We use the best services

    To create the most detailed reports, we use professional software, as well as our own technical developments, to analyze key SEO indicators.

    We love to solve complex problems

    We are happy to complete tasks and manage complex projects that are too tough for other digital agencies

    Always in touch

    We quickly respond to customer requests related to competitor analysis, advise and provide clear answers to any questions.

    Transparent reports

    We include as much information and recommendations as possible so the business can start implementing our strategy immediately.

    What you need to know about competitor SEO analysis

    What is competitor SEO analysis

    SEO analysis of competitors is actions aimed at determining the strengths and weaknesses of competitive sites, the features of their structure and content, strategies for internal and outer optimization. Implementing recommendations from competitors website analysis company helps a business save on ineffective promotion methods, increase traffic and get new customers.

    Purpose of competitor SEO analysis

    SEO audit of competitors is carried out in order to detect promotion opportunities that were missed or incorrectly applied when promoting your site. The result of the competitor’s research is a report that contains as much information as possible about the rivals’ sites and their promotion methods, as well as personal recommendations. After the implementation of them, the likelihood of getting top positions on SERP, increasing site traffic, and improving user experience noticeably increases. This contributes to a company’s development and profitability.

    Benefits of competitor SEO analysis

    1. Allows you to optimize the site for a competitive environment. SEO analysis of competitors helps to determine what the site should be like, on which visitors will begin to perform as many targeted actions as possible.
    2. Provides an opportunity to determine the strategy of competitors. When you know exactly how a competitor is promoting a website, it is much easier to develop your own working marketing strategy.
    3. Determines the growth points of competitors. If SEO analysis determines that filter pages on a competitor’s online store are bringing in a lot of customers, it makes sense to add such pages for your site as well.
    4. Shows where competitors get links from. Link building is faster and more efficient when a company knows which online resources competitors are linking to and what results they give.
    5. Helps to estimate the SEO promotion budget. Knowing how much content a competitor creates each month and how many links they buy, it’s easy to calculate the costs of internal and external website optimization.

    Disadvantages of competitor SEO analysis

    1. Analysis of the site’s competitors should be regular. Remember that competitors are also looking for new ways of business development, expanding the functionality of the site, making it better.
    2. It is important to continuously monitor the link promotion of the opponent. A competing company may start spending large budgets on link placement or do so on highly reputable resources. As a result, your link promotion strategy will need fixing.
    3. SEO audit does not solve 100% of problems. Always remember about an integrated approach to website development – it gives the most tangible results and helps you easily emerge victorious from competitive wars.

    Popular questions from our clients about SEO audit of competitors

    How often should you conduct an SEO audit of competitors?

    You need to analyze competitors’ sites regularly. Companies that are competing with you for the top positions in the search results are constantly developing. Six months or a year after conducting a competitor’s SEO audit, its results will not be accurate, and using them to build an SEO strategy will bring less tangible results than using fresh data.

    Can I conduct an SEO audit of competitors myself?

    It is possible to independently analyze the online resources of competitors. But considering the complexity of this process, we recommend that you entrust the SEO audit of competing sites to specialists who have the experience, as well as access to the best marketing and SEO tools. The competitors’ website research ordered from FIVE MEDIA is not just dry data, but detailed recommendations on the tactics of winning a competitive war.

    How much does an SEO audit of competitors cost?

    The cost of competitor analysis in SEO is calculated individually since a number of factors affect the total amount. For example, the goals that the business plans to achieve. competitor website analysis prices are also influenced by the complexity of the market and the number of companies or brands that already exist. The exact price of the audit will be calculated by our manager after receiving an application for the service.

    How to order an SEO audit of a competitor’s website?

    To find out the keywords of competitors, get detailed information on their promotion strategy, as well as recommendations for creating your own SEO strategy based on this data, fill out the application on this page. You can also order this service and know more about SEO competitor analysis cost by calling +38 (098) 693-07-44 or by writing an email to [email protected].

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