Client: Travelpayouts – is an affiliate travel program which targets at the markets of the CIS and English-speaking partners.

Problems our client faced: Incredibly high competition in the organic search.

What we offered:

  • detailed search engine optimized content
  • topics research
  • hiring the writers
  • educating the writers
  • SEO within the website
  • Linkbuilding

What we did (our monthly work):

  • Selection of traffic topics that will attract TA,
  • Writing od detailed tasks for writers,
  • Link Building,
  • Pushing commercial semantics to the top,
  • Basic things: site audit, text optimization.

Target audience: English- and Russian speaking audience

Duration: 2018-2019 (we are still working on it) Budget (Labor fee): $350/month

Average monthly budget: $350/month

Results: Organic traffic has doubled after 1 year.

Chart with results:


travelpayouts case