Nimble is a company that provides business and entrepreneurs with quality CRM software.

Problems our client faced:

The site had troubles in multiplying traffic. The positions on search engines were growing very slowly.

What we offered:

  • detailed optimized content,
  • topics research,
  • educating the writers,
  • SEO within the website,
  • Linkbuilding,
  • On-page SEO,
  • Creating Landing Pages.

What we did:

The task was to bring the keys to the top provided by the client, as well as to increase traffic for 6 months by at least 100%. Accordingly, we have developed a content strategy that would cover all customer keys, both informational and commercial.

Target audience: English-speaking audience

Duration: 2018 – On Going

Budget (Labor fee): $700/month

Average monthly budget: $700/month

Results: In 3 months, traffic increased from 20,000 visitors to 52,000. The site ranked in the top 10 for 90% of key phrases.

The figures speak for themselves:

nimble chart